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Fnatic Sweeps X10 at VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights and Interview


The lower bracket elimination match between Fnatic and X10 Esports at the currently ongoing VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavík was a quick and short affair. The European second seed Fnatic after being swept by Sentinels in the upper bracket were up against the SEA representatives X10, who were sadly not able to hold their own against the methodical dissection brought forth by the European mix. After being hammered in the first map, X10 did put up quite the resistance on the second map but could not keep up for long, resulting in a ‘2-0’ loss and elimination from the tournament.

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Fnatic Hands a Quick ‘2-0’ Defeat to X10 Esports

X10 Esports were just not ready to go up against Fnatic who slammed them hard right from the word go. X10 looked promising after putting up a solid show against Team Vikings but failed to recreate the same tonight. Their attack on the first map Icebox was easily thwarted by an impeccable defence put up by Fnatic, while they failed to win even a single round in the second half.

The Thai roster after being completely run over in the first half of the second map Haven started showing glimpses of hope in the second half. But it was too little, too late as Fnatic slowly ran them over to win the series with a ‘2-0’ scoreline.

Result: Fnatic Defeat X10 ‘2-0’

Fnatic’s map pick Icebox was a nightmare for X10 Esports who barely found any success in this game. Their attack was completely controlled by Fnatic as they managed to win just 4 rounds in the first half, but things only got worse for them as they got run over in the second half not able to win even a single round, losing the map by a ‘13-4’ scoreline.

The following map Haven which was X10’s map pick observed Fnatic go on a 9 round win streak, while this seemed to be the final nail in the coffin X10 did put up a fight in the second half. But eventually, they got overrun and lost the game ‘13-9’.

Fnatic – 13
X10 Esports – 4
Fnatic – 13
X10 Esports – 9
Fnatic defeats X10 Esports – 2:0


  • Tonight Doma and Mistic were the ones who pulled it off for Fnatic, both of them securing 39 kills each along with an ADR (Average Damage per Round) of 144 and 144.9, respectively.

  • Foxz was the only player from X10 Esports who was up to the challenge tonight, especially on Icebox where the entire team hit a brick wall except him.

  • Fnatic was the better team even when it came to aiming with an average headshot percentage of 25.8% while that of X10 was 18.4%.


A last second denial by X10 Esports on Haven to keep their dream of a comeback alive.

A heavy back and forth round on Haven between the two sides with Mistic clutching it out for Fnatic.

This insane 200 IQ clutch by Doma on Haven in a tight 2v2 situation was just incredible. He used the Sage ultimate Resurrection to perfectly bait out the oppositions shots and in return won the clutch for his side.

This might not be a play made by a player during the game, but it deserved to be a part of this highlight section. This ‘The Voice’ celebration by Fnatic was just amazing.

Interview: Derke Talks About Patiphan From X10

In the post-match interview with derke, the Fnatic Jett main said that they were ready for a rematch with Sentinels who had sent them down to the lower bracket just yesterday. He also spoke about how they had worked on their mistakes from that match and also a bit about how Patiphan had impressed him.

“I think Patiphan was very good, even before the match people were hyping him and when I was playing against him today, he hit some very nice shots and we had nice duels too. So I am kinda impressed with him.”

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