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Dr. Mundo Rework Will Arrive in Wild Rift Soon


League of Legends: Wild Rift will soon get Dr. Mundo’s rework. Currently, Riot Games has not provided a release date for the upcoming champion rework. The rework of Dr. Mundo will arrive in Wild Rift after being released on LoL PC. The rework restyles Dr. Mundo’s look and will also make him more focused on Baron laner instead of being a versatile jungler. More information on the upcoming Dr. Mundo Rework in Wild Rift is available here.

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Wild Rift Dr. Mundo Rework Details

Dr. Mundo’s Rework is currently available in the PBE server on League of Legends PC, but it will be coming to Wild Rift shortly after the LoL PC global release.

In the rework, Dr. Mundo gets a completely new look, which makes him more visually appealing as well as crazier than he was before. Additionally, his lore had a slight change, making him a real doctor rather than just acting like one without having any training in medicine.

Wild Rift Dr. Mundo Rework Abilities

Dr. Mundo Rework Will Arrive in Wild Rift SoonCorporate Mundo Skin Splash Art

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Passive: Goes Where He Pleases

When his passive is off cooldown, he can resist the next immobilizing effect that hits him and drops a chemical canister nearby. He can pick this up to restore a portion of his maximum health.

Dr. Mundo has increased health regeneration based on his maximum HP.

1st Skill: Infected Bonesaw

Throws a bonesaw, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit based on their current health and slowing them.

2nd Skill: Heart Zapper

Electrocutes himself for a few seconds dealing continuous magic damage to enemies around him while also storing a portion of the damage he takes as grey health. At the end of the duration, Dr. Mundo deals a burst of magic damage to surrounding enemies and regenerates health based on the value of grey health.

3rd Skill: Blunt Force Trauma

Passive Effect: Gain bonus attack damage, which increases based on missing health.

Active: Dr. Mundo slams his “medical” bag into an enemy, dealing physical damage based on his missing health. If the enemy dies, they have knocked back, dealing this ability’s minimum damage to enemies they pass through.

Ultimate Skill: Maximum Dosage

Instantly gain a percentage of missing health while gaining enhanced health regeneration for a longer duration, gaining movement speed, and attack damage.

As of yet, the developers have not announced a date for the release of Dr. Mundo’s rework for Wild Rift. Nevertheless, they stated that it will be available very soon. Players will have to keep an eye on upcoming updates to keep track of the latest developments. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.