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Cod Mobile Season 4: Upcoming Content Revealed


Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 has been released with the title “Spurned & Burned” featuring new and exciting content themed around the wild west. The new season brings in new maps, game modes, cosmetics, and functional weapons to COD Mobile. Activision recently revealed its upcoming content for this COD Mobile Season 4 through a community update on Reddit, showing the return of six fan-favorite Battle Royale modes along with a few in-game events, cosmetics, challenges, and collectibles. If you are curious about the upcoming content for COD Mobile Season 4, here is a list of what you can expect to arrive soon.

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Cod Mobile Season 4 Content Revealed

The official COD Mobile subreddit has provided the players with a sneak peek of the upcoming Season 4 content of the game. A schedule of the upcoming events has also been posted along with the new maps, and the debut of the Clan Wars feature on June 1, 2021.

Cod Mobile Season 4: Upcoming Content RevealedFeatured Content for COD Mobile Season 4

Event Schedule

  • 05/21 – 06/02: Guns Blazing Mode (MP)
  • 05/27 – All Season: Two New Seasonal Challenges
  • 05/27 – 06/02: Grind Mode (MP)
  • 05/27 – 06/02: Dome 24/7 (MP)
  • 05/27 – 06/02: Capture the Gold (MP)
  • 05/27 – 06/02: Blitz Mode (BR)
  • 05/27 – 06/02: Credit Store Update
  • 05/27 – 06/02: Medieval Malpractice Draw
  • 06/01 – Clan Wars Begins
Cod Mobile Season 4: Upcoming Content Revealed6 Battle Royale Modes Are Making a Comeback

Additionally, a new event will also be added called “High Noon Chase” arriving later in June. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Battle Pass Content

Free Battle Pass

  • Scout – Wagon Wheel (tier 1)
  • Cordite – Buckskin (tier 4)
  • New Scorestreak – HAWK X3 (tier 14)
  • Defender – Wagon Wheel (tier 18)
  • New Functional Weapon – MK2 (tier 21)
  • S36 – Buckskin (tier 31)
  • Charm – Saddled (tier 38)
  • Arctic. 50 – Bucksin (tier 41)
  • Calling Card – Cyborg Showdown (tier 46)
  • GKS – Buckskin (tier 50)
Cod Mobile Season 4: Upcoming Content RevealedTons of new rewards awaits in this season’s Battle Pass.

Premium Pass

  • Alex – Bounty Hunter (tier 1)
  • Razorback – Stirrup (tier 1)
  • Calling Card – Standoff at Dusk (tier 1)
  • RUS-79U – Wretched (tier 10)
  • Emote – Lasso Dance (tier 15)
  • AK47 – Desert Sunset (tier 25)
  • Scarlett Rhodes – Carmine (tier 30)
  • M4 – Spurred (tier 35)
  • AGR 556 – Western Crown (tier 40)
  • Scylla – Dusted (tier 50)
  • Avatar – Bounty Hunter (tier 50)
  • Frame – Bounty Frame (tier 50)
  • MK2 – Brushstroke (tier 50)

A battle pass bundle for COD Mobile Season 4 will also be available for players to purchase containing additional rewards like the Sandy Spade shovel, unique avatar border, frame, and a charm.

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Clan Wars Feature

The highly-anticipated clan wars feature will finally arrive in COD Mobile Season 4. Starting June 1, 2021, players can start creating their own clan and participate in Clan Wars. Clans who register will be placed into a league with 5 other clans. You and your Clan will then go to battle in different nodes, each having a different task to be completed. Your placement in the league at the end of each week will earn you rewards and can even rank you up to a higher-ranking league with even better rewards. For this season of Clan Wars, players can acquire a new operator Ronin – Hagakure.

Cod Mobile Season 4: Upcoming Content RevealedClan Wars Top Reward

New Multiplayer Map – Dome

A new multiplayer map will also arrive in COD Mobile Season 4. Based on a COD Modern Warfare map, Dome is full of dilapidated offices, bunkers, and long-abandoned facilities that players can take advantage of.

Cod Mobile Season 4: Upcoming Content RevealedThe new map will come with a limited-time event.

An upcoming event will also be released tied to the new map called “Dessert Dome.” The rewards for the event include FHJ-18 camo, the QQ9 – Leather & Lead, and in-game credits. More details will be revealed at a later date.

The upcoming COD Mobile Season 4 will definitely bring a ton of new and returning content to the game. Needless to say, this will be quite an interesting season for players, especially the Clan Wards feature. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.