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MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 1 Recap: Work Auster Force and Aura PH Dominated the First Day


The MPL PH Season 7 playoffs have officially kicked off with Work Auster Force and Aura PH dominating the first day. Work Auster Force showed a few misplays in the match but proved their team chemistry was superior as they defeated Nexplay Esports with a score of 3-1. Aura PH and Omega Esports had one of the longest games in MPL PH Season 7, dragging the game for as long as 46 minutes. The new Mobile Legends hero Phoveous also debuted in the MPL PH in the hands of Aura PH. Needless to say, the first day was very action-packed with a lot of interesting moments. Here is a quick recap of the matches that took place in MPL PH Season 7 playoffs day 1.

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MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 1 Recap

Nexplay vs Work Auster Force (1-3)

Nexplay Esports started strong in the first match, picking off Unravel’s Jawhead multiple times without any negative tradeoffs. 3MarTzy’s Paquito melted like paper in the hands of Exort’s Lunox and H2wo’s Ling. This put Work Auster Force in a very bad situation and couldn’t recover. The match ended with Nexplay winning with a score of 25 kills against Work Auster Force.

In the second match, Unravel made several questionable actions like the random brush flicker at the 6-minute mark. However, this didn’t stop Work Auster Force from dominating the second match. Nexplay played too passively which resulted in Renejay not getting any kills and unable to hit his power spike. Jeymz tried his hardest to stall and buy some time with his Benedetta, but Work Auster Force is already unstoppable in the late game. Without wasting too much time, Work Auster Force won the second match with a score of 15 kills against Nexplay who only earned 3 kills.

MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 1 RecapUnravel flickered over nothing.

In the third match, Nexplay and Work Auster Force were on equal footing this time. H2wo and Renejay tried to go for a pick down the turtle lane at the 11-minute mark but were eventually overwhelmed by Kousei and Chuuu. Renejay got killed but H2wo managed to escape only to be sniped by Unravel’s flameshot spell. Nexplay couldn’t split push due to Work Auster Force’s map awareness which pushed them to play passively once again. At the 16-minute mark, Nexplay’s base was wide open for an attack with no defenses left. The match ended with Work Auster Force won the third match, securing 18 kills.

In the fourth match, Nexplay was exhausted. Work Auster Force’s rotations were on point that Nexplay couldn’t defend their turrets. At the 13-minute mark, Nexplay is left with only one bottom turret. Work Auster Force couldn’t secure a Lord due to Nexplay’s aggression. This forced them to ignore the Lord and proceeded to press forward killing any Nexplay members they encounter. Renejay and Yawi tried to hold down their fort but Work Auster Force proved too much for the two defenders. Work Auster Force secured their first playoffs win with 19 kills.

MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 1 Recap: Work Auster Force and Aura PH Dominated the First DayRenejay and Yawi defending one last time.

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Aura PH vs Omega Esports (3-2)

In the first match, Aura PH’s aggression caught Omega Esports off guard, allowing Aura to secure a Lord. However, Omega managed to get back on their feet before they fall behind and retaliate. At the 20-minute mark, it turned into a race between Killuash’s Thamuz and 3MarTzy’s Benedetta who can split push fast. Thamuz Managed to open up the bottom lane and almost ended the game but was stopped by Toshi before he could. 45-minutes into the match, Aura tried another backdoor but failed horribly allowing Omega to return the favor and secured a win.

MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 1 Recap: Work Auster Force and Aura PH Dominated the First DayAura PH almost won.

In the second match, both teams have no intention of extending the match. Omega Esports went aggressive. However, Aura PH knew this and countered them heavily with Greed’s Kagura and Killuash’s Phoveus. At the 18-minute mark, a fight at the Omega’s bottom lane emerges. Omega tried to defend but Aura PH went all out, not giving their enemies a window of time to fight back. The match ended in favor of Aura PH, securing 21 kills.

In the third match, Omega was struggling to keep up with Aura PH’s aggression. Omega was forced to play defensive due to the constant harassment of Aura PH in their jungle camps and turrets. At the 12-minute mark, Omega was caught in a predicament when they were positioning for a Lord steal. Aura completely ignores Lord and heads straight into Heath and Kenji, killing both Omega members and forcing their allies to back off. With Aura PH securing the lord, and ahead in gold income, Omega Esports got no other cards left in their hands. At the 17-minute mark, Aura PH secured a second win.

In the fourth match, Omega went full aggressive, securing kills minute by minute. Their aggressiveness was more than enough to put Aura PH into a defensive stance. Kenji’s impressive Gloo gameplay along with KurTzy’s Yve made sure that Aura can never initiate a fight and win. At the 13-minute mark, Omega immediately went for the win with a final kill count of 17 while Aura PH only secured 3 kills.

In the final deciding match, Aura secured Phoveus while Omega Esports went for Gloo. Kenji with his Gloo, split pushed at the bottom lane while his allies try and keep Aura PH busy. At the 7-minute mark, Omega has full control of the map, forcing Aura PH to play safe. Killuash made a mistake and engaged while his allies were not ready, giving Omega a massive lead with 5 towers broken and a lord in their hands at the 10-minute mark. This didn’t end well for Omega as they get immediately destroyed in a teamfight at the 12-minute mark with only Kenji surviving the clash. At the 20-minute mark, Omega went for the Lord but was stolen by Greed, forcing Omega to fall back and defend their bottom lane. At the 35-minute mark, Aura secured their 3rd Lord with Omega losing three members due to their desperate Lord steal. With the lord in their hands, Aura went all out and won the game before Omega could regroup.

MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 1 Recap: Work Auster Force and Aura PH Dominated the First DayAfter a long match, Aura PH secured the win.

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