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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Official YouTube Channel Hacked


The official YouTube channel for Mobile Legends was hacked earlier on May 26th, and renamed Ethereum (ETH) Foundation. Thereafter, the channel started to stream videos related to cryptocurrencies. This issue has already been resolved and the videos related to cryptocurrency have been removed as of the time of this writing. However, Moonton has yet to release an official statement pertaining to this incident. This isn’t the first time a gaming channel has been attacked by hackers. Akosi Dogie, Chix, and Inspi Gaming’s official YouTube channels were also hacked last year, resulting in the removal of all of their videos.

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Mobile Legends YouTube Channel Hacked

The hack was first spotted at around 7 AM (PHT) when fans noticed that the official YouTube Channel of Mobile Legends Bang Bang had been renamed to “[ETH] Foundation.” The channel also began uploading content relating to cryptocurrency, asking people to invest in it.

The issue was quickly reported to Moonton and resolved after a few hours, with the cryptocurrency videos being removed.

Official Mobile Legends YouTube Channel got HackedCryptocurrency videos were uploaded in the MLBB Channel || Credits: u/NetoIsRare Reddit

The damage has been done, however, since the YouTube channel is still titled “[ETH] Foundation” in the search results for many MLBB fans despite being corrected and renamed back to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official. It might take a while before the official Mobile Legends Channel recovers and rises back in the search results.

Ironically, Moonton has posted an anti-fraud notice before their YouTube Channel was hacked. The post mentioned key factors that scammers use to trick people.

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YouTube Channel Hacking Issues

Last year, three MLBB content creators; Akosi Dogie, Chix, and Inspi Gaming, were hacked by cryptocurrency scammers and had all of their videos deleted. Fortunately, YouTube stepped in and resolved the issue, giving their accounts back.

Official Mobile Legends YouTube Channel got HackedAkosi Dogie’s channel after getting hacked

For Moonton, this is just a minor setback, as the MPL PH Season 7 playoffs will still go live on other official social media handles, including YouTube.

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