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Game Breaking CS:GO Bug Allows Players to Wallhack Using C4


A huge CS:GO bug has been discovered that allows players to legally wallhack in-game by simply using the light bulb present on the C4. This wallhack bug was first reported in August 2020 but went unnoticed, until a few days back when a Russian YouTuber ‘sh1ck’ highlighted this problem once again. This game-breaking bug gives the T-sided players a huge advantage in CS:GO, as they can spot enemy players holding angles through solid objects by simply viewing that area through the yellow coloured light present on the C4. Currently, the reason behind why this wallhack bug occurs is unknown and community members are busy figuring out how it can be fixed.

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CS:GO Bug Discovered That Allows Players to Wallhack Using C4

A bizarre CS:GO bug has been discovered which allows players to wallhack in-game using the C4, without the help of any third-party applications or modifying the game files. All that a player needs to do is simply view a particular spot on the map through the yellow blinking light present on the C4. If an enemy is holding that angle, a silhouette of their player model will automatically get highlighted allowing the player to hit him through the wall if the spot is wallbangable, or pass on the acquired information to the rest of the team.

This bug seems to be present in the game beforehand, there is no particular situation or event that seems to trigger it due to which the community has labelled it as a ‘legal wallhack’. As the bug requires an angle or spot to be viewed through the light present on the C4, only the attacking side has the ability to use this to their advantage.

From the clip above it is evident that the bug seems to trigger automatically without requiring any sort of a precursor. It was first reported in August 2020 and uploaded on YouTube by a user called ‘peek-peek’ as an unlisted video, but sadly the game-breaking bug could not gain enough traction. Nine months later, the wallhack bug has popped up once again following a video made by a Russian YouTuber on May 25 where he talks about this problem at length and highlights it. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.