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Dr Disrespect Acknowledges That COD Mobile is “a Lot of Fun”


Dr Disrespect shared his honest impressions of Call of Duty: Mobile after his throwdown with iFerg in the Kill Race event. Last year, Dr Disrespect took a shot at Mobile Gaming, stating that mobile gaming should not be taken seriously. However, after trying out COD Mobile for the first time, the doc was impressed on how rich in content COD Mobile is compared to other COD titles he has played. Dr Disrespect expressed his enjoyment while playing the game despite his struggle with the touch controls. He further added that in terms of content, the mobile community is spoiled.

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Dr Disrespect’s Opinion About COD Mobile

In a livestream, Dr Disrespect shares his opinions regarding COD Mobile and how much he enjoyed playing it.

“I was blown away by how much content there is in Call of Duty Mobile, especially the BR,” stated Dr Disrespect. “I mean, you just talk about a lot of fun. I think the mobile community is spoiled.”

The streamer further added that he wished there was more content for consoles and PC, a common sentiment by other Call of Duty Warzone fans in the past few months as the game barely receives any additional content.

Last year, Dr Disrespect made a tweet stating that mobile gaming isn’t something to be taken seriously and that mobile gamers are not real gamers. This didn’t resonate well with players who enjoy mobile gaming. However, after playing COD Mobile Battle Royale for the first time, it would seem that the doc has reshaped his opinions on mobile gaming.

Whether Dr Disrespect will be playing more COD Mobile in the future remains a mystery.

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This is not the first time that Dr Disrespect has gone back on his remarks on mobile gaming. In an earlier collab stream with Indian PUBG Mobile pro player Tanmayak “Sc0utOP” Singh, Dr Disrespect apologized for his comments on Mobile Gaming.

“Not sure if you ever saw my tweet, so I just want to get ahead of the controversy, about me saying that mobile gamers aren’t real gamers. It was a spur moment. I just want to make sure that I get ahead of it.” This was followed by Sc0utOP laughing it off and saying that it was completely fine.”

It is important to keep in mind that Dr Disrespect is a roleplay-based personality, as indicated by all of his Tweets and comments on social media. He made his name by making outrageous statements and being as over-the-top as possible. His eccentric personality is what made him so popular in the first place. So perhaps we shouldn’t take this statement so seriously. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.