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5E Arena Launches ‘Roll Rooms’ Reward System to Earn In-Game Prizes and Goodies


5E Arena, one of the biggest third-party CS:GO platforms in Asia, launched its CS:GO servers in India earlier this month. The platform has since introduced a new reward system for its players called ‘Roll Rooms.’ Through this new system, players will be able to earn free in-game items, skins, and even peripherals by completing specific challenges and missions. Here is an overview of what players can expect from 5E Arena’s Roll Rooms feature.

5E Arena Roll Room Overview

By competing in the 5E Arena Roll Room system, users have a chance to receive rewards for taking on various challenges on the platform. These tasks can be anything related to the game. For now, players need to win two ladder matches or secure 40 ladder matchmaking kills to enter the Roll Room.

All they need to do is finish these tasks to be eligible. Each person in the Roll Room will get a random chance to win a skin, but once you win something from that room, you can not win it again.

One of the best parts about these Roll Rooms is that there is no need to pay to access them. There are different rewards and requirements for each room at 5E Arena.

5E Arena Roll Room

According to 5E Arena, Roll Rooms, along with the other self-improvement tools, will change the landscape of CS:GO in India.

Other Features in 5E Arena

5E Arena also includes 5EBOX, a configuration tool that allows CS:GO players on the platform to set up their private configurations anytime they want. Additionally, 5E Arena will also include a ‘Highlights’ feature that allows players to seamlessly record clips on the app and share them on social media platforms. This feature is scheduled to launch by the end of June 2021.

The app also includes various training modes, some of which allow players to do everything from recoil control to movement, right within the platform. Players can also generate their own crosshairs and configurations using specialized maps. 5E Arena also displays in-game stats to help players track their performance.

What is 5E Arena?

5E Arena is the international version of the 5E Win platform, which claims to be one of the most popular free-to-play CS:GO platforms in Asia. It also states that it offers a secure environment with anti-cheat measures that ensure fair play. Furthermore, the platform has a server system and professional leagues in which players can compete.

The platform is hosting a CS:GO tournament in India to celebrate the launch of its new servers. More details about this tournament will be revealed shortly, so stay tuned to AFK Gaming for the latest updates.

Players can download 5E Arena at:

5E Arena Discord:

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