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Team SMG Has a Rough Start to its BTS Pro Series Season 6 Campaign


Team SMG had a tough outing on the opening day of the BTS Pro Series Season 6: Southeast Asia, losing three out of the four matches that they played. Team SMG got outplayed in the first BO2 series against BOOM Esports as they lost it 2-0. In the next series against Lilgun, MidOne and kpii’s team were expected to secure a quick 2-0 victory but they were undone in the first match before managing to bounce back in the second one to level the series 1-1.

BTS Pro Series Season 6: Southeast Asia was announced on May 24, 2021, as a third-party tournament, featuring a total of eight teams with a total prize pool of $50,000 USD.

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Team SMG vs BOOM Esports: Match Recap and Highlights


Game 1 saw just three kills in the first 10 minutes as both teams resorted to farming. As the game progressed, SMG managed to consistently get kills but they were still getting outfarmed by BOOM’s better late game draft. As the game reached the latter stages, teamfight execution for BOOM was a lot easier which propelled it to victory in 39 minutes.

Game 2 saw some unusual drafting strategy by BOOM as they picked their cores, Queen of Pain and Luna, in the first phase. However, it worked wonders for them as both these heroes smashed SMG with a combined KDA of 31-7-28, going on to help secure a win in 40 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

Team SMG vs Lilgun: Match Recap and Highlights


Game 1 witnessed MidOne’s safelane Alchemist getting a ton of farm in the early stages. SMG came out with positive numbers in the initial teamfights but things turned upside down after they got team wiped in a crucial mid game fight. A chaotic game finally ended in Lilgun’s favor as Sanctity- delivered a flawless performance on his mid Ember Spirit.

Game 2 saw a clean performance from SMG as all their cores were spot on with their performances. Lilgun scrambled for kills post the 20-minute mark which provided their opponents with a massive lead and ultimately a win in 34 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

Team SMG looked wobbly today as they had their problems at times in teamfight synergy and individual execution. However, their performance in the fourth and final game was top-notch and they will need to deliver more of these to stay at par with other strong teams like Motivate.Trust Gaming, Fnatic and OB.Neon since this tournament is likely preparation for the upcoming TI10 regional qualifiers.

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Catch Team SMG back in action on May 27, 2021, when they play against South Built Esports in their third BO2 series. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.