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pindaPanda Releases a Duet With Whitemon on the Filipino song, Dota o Ako


pindaPanda, a renowned SEA esports personality, has duetted with T1’s support player, Whitemon, to release a cover on the Filipino song, Dota o Ako. The video, uploaded on Pinda “pindaPanda” Rika Dorj’s YouTube channel, features both Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon and pindaPanda taking turns to recite various verses of the song. Dota o Ako that translates into ‘Dota or me’ is a popular song that was originally performed by singers, Aikee and Vanessa, way back in 2011. Vanessa, who is Aikee’s girlfriend, asks him to choose between Dota or her. After Whitemon’s recent hit cover on the Tagalog song, Ignition, he and pindaPanda had been working together to release the cover for this popular Filipino song.

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Whitemon and pindaPanda’s Duet on Dota o Ako

A week ago, pindaPanda had asked her fans for a person to release a duo on Dota o Ako. T1’s captain, Kuku, had voted for Whitemon in the comments and since then pindaPanda had been working with Whitemon to sing the song.

The two have now released the final version of their cover which spans a little over two and a half minutes.

Hilariously, in the end, the video intends to create humor as pindaPanda asks Whitemon to choose between Dota or her to which he opts for the former.

Previously, Whitemon’s cover of the Tagalog song, Ignition, was played on PGL’s livestream during the SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. The song, which is filled with expletives and curses, was a great hit among the SEA community.

Dota o Ako is so popular in the Philippines that recently, in March 2021, Netflix Philippines had taken Filipino players on a trip down memory lane by releasing a new version of the song. It was a sequel to the original song and witnessed Aikee and Vanessa finally getting married. This was all done in a bid to market Valve and Netflix’s Dota 2 anime, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood in the Philippines which boasts of a massive user base.

Who is pindaPanda?

pindaPanda is a popular esports personality among the SEA community. In the Dota 2 space, she is known for creating candid and humorous (sometimes lame) videos on her YouTube channel. While she releases a lot of Dota 2 related stuff, her most prominent videos are ones where she pokes Dota 2 professionals with random pick-up lines. In a number of such videos, pindaPanda can be seen engaging with pros like Puppey, Miracle-, GH, and more at various LAN events. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.