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iFerg vs Dr Disrespect in Call of Duty Mobile Kill Race: Here’s How it Went Down


The highly anticipated battle between Dr Disrespect and iFerg in Call of Duty: Mobile Kill Race has finally concluded, with iFerg standing head and shoulders above the Doc in the event winning it handily. As iFerg dominated the match with 84 kills, Dr Disrespect did not fare as well due to inexperience in mobile gaming and difficulty controlling sensitivity, accumulating just 49 kills. The COD Mobile Kill Race event managed to peak at 131,489 viewers and had an average viewership of 78,609 according to a report from Esports Charts. For those who missed it, here is a brief recap of the iFerg vs Dr Disrespect event in Call of Duty Mobile Kill Race.

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COD Mobile: Kill Race Recap

The rules of the Kill Race event were simple, players will play two rounds of battle royale matches that last for about 45 minutes each. The first round was played on a mobile or tablet device, while the second round was played using a keyboard and mouse on an emulator. The player with the most kills after two rounds won the match.

The players both encountered a few difficulties during the match. iFerg ran into a few connection issues which affected the quality of his‌ shooting making it difficult for him to secure kills. On the other hand, Dr Disrespect was struggling to adjust the game’s sensitivity settings. In spite of this, Dr Disrespect had an advantage since the game matched new players with bots, allowing him to take advantage and get kills despite struggling with touch controls.

iFerg’s gameplay was as expected, professional and accurate. However, he did have some humorous moments, like when he got stuck with a cluster grenade on his leg and blew himself up. Meanwhile, Dr Disrespect’s gameplay was the highlight of the match as his struggles in understanding the touch controls and mechanics of the game made for a hilarious stream. As described by the casters of the event, Disrespect was being so wildly inaccurate in his aim that he was “Shooting up to the heavens.”

iFerg vs Dr Disrespect in Call of Duty Mobile Kill Race: Here's What HappenediFerg blew up as a cluster grenade got stuck in his leg.

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In total, iFerg scored 84 kills. Of those kills, 37 came in the first round and 47 came in the second. Disrespect put up a good fight, scoring 49 kills in total, 23 kills in the first round and 26 kills in the second.

Dr. Disrespect versus iFerg was a fun match to watch. There was no seriousness involved in it, it was more of a fun competition with comedic bloopers interspersed between matches. In any case, Dr Disrespect now knows the struggle of playing FPS games on a mobile device. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.