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The EternaLEnVy and Black N Yellow Controversy Explained


EternaLEnVy has gained quite a lot of notoriety in the Dota 2 ecosystem for being involved in controversial topics and bizarre gameplay throughout his career. Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao was involved in yet another incident surrounding his new team, Black N Yellow. The NA carry had mentioned in a Twitlonger post on May 23, 2021, that he intended to play the upcoming TI qualifiers with two new additions, Danylo “Kingrd” Nascimentoin and David “Moo” Hull, in the Black N Yellow roster. This meant that EternaLEnVy wanted to part ways with Daniel “zero” Yun and Andrew “Jubei” Evelyn, but this was impossible since zero held the team’s ownership on the Dota 2 Majors registration page. Following this statement, zero came up with his side of the story in a Twitlonger post where he claimed how EternaLEnVy had created problems for the team throughout the second DPC season.

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EternaLEnVy’s recent drama surrounding Black N Yellow

EternaLEnVy’s intention to play TI qualifiers with a new roster and the criticism of open qualifiers

EternaLEnVy had joined Black N Yellow at the beginning of the NA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. The five roster members were – EternaLEnVy, esK, zero, YamSun, and Jubei. The team had a tough season as they finished sixth.

Following the conclusion of the season, EternaLEnVy wrote a Twitlonger post where he mentioned that he, esK, and YamSun had been scrimming with Kingrd and Moo to play the qualifiers under Black N Yellow. But since zero had the ownership of the team and so without his consent, no players could neither be removed nor added, and these plans could not transpire further. EternaLEnVy stated that he found this rule “bullshit” while also mentioning that he had been removed from the team’s roster by zero.

EternalEnvyEternalEnvy expressed his dissatisfaction with no TI Open Qualifiers

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As per Valve’s roster rules, teams in the Upper and Lower Division can play in the qualifiers provided they have 3/5 members of the roster that participated in season 2. Since Black N Yellow’s roster would be left down to just two players, zero and Jubei, EternaLEnVy mentioned that Black N Yellow would be incompetent to play in the qualifiers while he and esK would move on and find a new team.

EternaLEnVy also went on to criticize the absence of the open qualifiers this year. He mentioned that teams like OG, EG, and Secret had made quite successful runs in TIs after qualifying through open qualifiers.

Open qualifiers have not always been a part of TIs. In fact, they were only introduced to TIs in 2015 so this is not exactly as unprecedented as EternaLEnVy indicates it to be. Valve also stated that TI10 had no open qualifiers well before, as far ahead as January 1, 2021, implying that the DPC Season 2 Open qualifiers were the TI10 Open Qualifiers. Dota 2 analyst and commentator, Kyle “Kyle” Freedman had even warned players that this was the case in a blog post made in March 2021.

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In another tweet that he made after some time, the NA carry also said that he had also offered Zero with the deal that his new squad would play the TI qualifiers. In return, Zero would get to keep the ownership of the team in the next DPC season.

Zero’s response to EternaLEnVy’s claims

On the same day, zero also took to Twitlonger to explain in detail his side of the story.

Zero mentioned that he had created this team before the onset of season 1 “with the sole purpose of having a chance to play in TI Quals” since Valve had communicated that there would be no open qualifiers this year.

Zero also stated that before officially adding EternaLEnVy as a member of Black n Yellow for season 2, he, YamSun, and Jubei had laughed about a scenario where the latter would try to kick Black N Yellow’s players and take ownership of the team.

After Black N Yellow lost its first series to simply TOOBASED, zero stated that EternaLEnVy lost the belief in the team and communicated his feelings of not playing further. Zero claimed that EternaLEnVy played the rest of the season as “an obligation” because Valve rules disallow a team from playing with a stand-in for more than four series.

Zero stated that EternaLEnVy did not want to play with either him or Jubei because he believed they “suck.” Zero felt that EternaLEnVy had joined the team and was now creating a “fuss” because he could not take ownership and kick players.

“I don’t see why I should get my slot taken from me when I’ve worked for it the entire DPC only to lose it (when) someone that joins the team and takes a steaming dump on it,” said zero defending his stake in the team.

Zero concluded his statement by writing that he was not willing to give up his slot to EternaLEnVy because of whatever he has done to the team. Zero has removed EternaLEnVy from the team because he does not wish to “negotiate with his antics.”

Fellow Black N Yellow player Jubei confirmed zero’s claims in one of his recent livestreams, stating that everything that the latter had mentioned in his post was true.

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