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Record 85 Countries Register for Esports World Championship 2021 Featuring CS:GO, Dota 2, More


The International Esports Federation (IESF) has come forward with an announcement stating that a record 85 countries have registered for the upcoming 13th Esports World Championship. This edition of the international esports tournament will be taking palace in Eilat, an Israeli port town near Jordan. The four esports titles which will be featured in this tournament are Dota 2, CS:GO, Tekken 7, and PES (Pro Evolution Series) Series. As per a statement published by the organizers, the maximum number of countries have registered in 2021 as compared to the last two years when only 61 and 50 countries participated, respectively.

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85 Countries Register for 13th Esports World Championship

The 13th edition of the Esports World Championship being organized by IESF is all ready to take place offline in Israel, later in November this year. As reported by the organizers, a record 85 countries have registered for the tournament this year, featuring popular esports titles like Dota 2, CS:GO, Tekken 7, and PES.

This is the most number of countries that have ever registered for the international esports tournament in its history so far, with 61 countries signing up last year (2020) and 50 countries the year before that (2019). A statement by the IESF reads as follows,

“Esports athletes from 85 nations are set to begin their quests for gold, silver and bronze medals during the national qualifiers taking place between June and August. The tournament will be hosted by the Israeli Esports Association and Maccabi World Union.”

Similar to its previous iterations, the 13th Esports World Championship will also be divided into two parts. All the 85 registered countries will be first divided into various continental regions, every country competing in its respective region as per the division set forth by IESF. Certain countries that make it through this first stage will then go on to compete in the main event, which is scheduled to be held offline in the Israeli city of Eilat.

The first part of this tournament will take place online from September to October later this year, the qualifying teams will then fly out to Israel for the final showdown in November. The same format will be followed for all the four esports titles that are a part of this international event.

IESF President Vlad Marinescu states that “IESF is incredibly excited for the 13th edition of our World Championship, the largest IESF event to date. Eilat 2021 will showcase and unify Esports athletes from a record 85 nations. This a true representation of IESF’s commitment to the growth and development of sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide.”

The IESF has been hosting Esports World Championship for a long time now. These Olympic style events are special in their own way, giving esports athletes a chance to represent their own country within esports at an international level. It is held in different cities around the world every year and frequently swaps the esports titles as well.

It will be interesting to see how the tournament plays out this year, along with details about the 85 participating countries and the schedule for the various esports titles.

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