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Mobile Legends x King Of Fighters Bingo Event Returns: Preorder for a Free Draw


King of Fighters Bingo has returned to Mobile Legends Bang Bang, giving players another opportunity to acquire the limited-time King of Fighters (KOF) collaboration skins. This year’s event will run similarly to last year’s. Players will purchase diamonds in order to draw skins and collect bingo tokens for the chance to acquire free skins. King of Fighters Bingo will run all month, offering free draw tickets to players who pre-order by May 29, 2021. Here are more details about the return of the King of Fighters Bingo event in Mobile Legends.

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Mobile Legends King of Fighters Bingo event Details

The event will take place from May 22 to June 20, 2021. This event will offer the opportunity for players who missed the previous event to acquire the old KOF Collaboration skins. As of now, players can pre-order the items and win free draw tickets for May 29, 2021.

The permanent skin is guaranteed within three draws, the Elite Tier skin is guaranteed within five draws, and the KOF skin Karina “Leona” is guaranteed within the first ten draws. All duplicate skins obtained during the event will be converted into fragments.

King of Fighters Bingo Draw Price

KOF x MLBB Prices

A single draw costs 225 Diamonds, so the “Open 10x” option costs 2250 Diamonds. The first time you use the open 10x draw in the event, however, you will save 30% of what it would normally cost. So it will only cost you 1,575 Diamonds.

King of Fighters Bingo Mini-Game

Bingo tokens can be acquired through the draw event. If the players complete a line on the Bingo interface, they will receive a skin of the Epic tier as a reward. Bingo event will give players a higher chance of receiving KOF skins because limited-edition skins will be prioritized.

KOF Bingo Rewards

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Mobile Legends x King of Fighters Collaboration Skins

Here are the previously released KOG Collaboration Skins in MLBB;

  • Guinevere “Athena Asamiya”
  • Chou “Iori Yagami”
  • Karina “Leona”
  • Aurora “Kula Diamond”
  • Dyrroth “Orochi Chris”
  • Gusion “K”

These are limited-time skins and will only be available in Mobile Legends during the King of Fighters Bingo Event. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.