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How To Fix Dev Error 5573 In COD Warzone


COD Warzone players may face dev error 5573 when interacting in-game with CARV.2, flashbangs, Cold War operators, claymore mines, etc. Players report that dev error 5573 will continue to occur with that particular item once you get it. Some players have started facing this error more frequently with new updates. Raven Software, one of the developers behind Call of Duty: Warzone put out a Tweet acknowledging the error and a Trello link to track the issue meaning Activision is looking for a fix for the error.

There are several possible reasons players may face this error in COD Warzone and thus, several ways to fix dev error 5573. In this article, we will look at some possible ways to fix dev error 5573.

Ways to fix Dev Error 5573 in COD Warzone

While Activision has acknowledged the issue, they are yet to provide a solution. One possible solution involves updating your GPU drivers and the game.

Here are the steps to update your GPU drivers:

Step 1: Navigate to your GPU drivers by opening the device manager.

Step 2: Open the display adapters dropdown and click ‘update driver’ to check for the latest version.

update driversUpdate your display drivers through device manager. | Source: Microsoft

Step 3: Select the ‘search automatically’ option and if necessary download the update and install it.

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Corrupt game files could be another possible reason players face dev error 5573 in COD Warzone so scan and fix your game files on the client to fix dev error 5573.

warzoneUse the ‘Scan and Repair’ option in the client. | Source: Activision

Several posts in the Warzone subreddit indicate that players are facing dev error 5573 when interacting with in-game items like flashbangs or using Black Ops Cold War operators. User MARIOVENU5 on the Warzone subreddit went into windowed mode in-game and changing their account settings till the game stopped crashing to fix dev error 5573. If these don’t work, try and reinstall the game. This bug seems to be tied to individual accounts as players who played with a different Activision account said they didn’t face dev error 5573 anymore. However, this is the last solution on the list. Make sure to stay away from Cold War operators and calling cards in-game to avoid encountering dev error 5573.

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