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Apex Legends TV Show Hinted at by Respawn’s Director of Communications


Respawn Entertainment’s Director of Communications Ryan Rigney dropped a hint about a TV being potentially in the works. Apex Legends’ popularity has skyrocketed recently with the game crossing 100 million players and generating more than $1 billion in revenue in the previous financial year. The developers promised that they are looking to expand beyond battle royale and we have seen Arenas being added to the game as well as the lore tying the Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends lore even more with the introduction of Valkyrie. Respawn Entertainment may be helping produce an Apex Legends TV show in the future.

Is An Apex Legends TV Show in The Works?

Apex Legends might be expanding to TV and film with the likes of DOTA 2, The Witcher, and The Last of Us getting adaptations. There is not much known about a TV adaptation of Apex Legends but in a recent AMA on Reddit, Apex Legends’ Director of Communications Ryan Rigney dropped a hint about an upcoming show.

Apex Legends RedditWhen asked if Respawn Entertainment is working on a Netflix/Amazon Prime TV Series, Rigney dropped a hint with a zipped mouth emoji. It could mean that something is in the works but he is unable to disclose anything at the moment. The franchise’s explosive growth over the past two years could very well lead to the Apex universe expanding beyond the video game.

We already have comics in-game as well as a standalone physical comic series being in the works under Dark Horse. Respawn has also worked on its lore video series ‘Stories of The Outlands.’ The video series showcases the backstories of some of the most popular characters in the game so far and we can expect the studio to continue producing them every season.

Respawn Entertainment is The First and Only Video Game Studio to Win an Oscar

Colette, a documentary produced by Respawn Entertainment and Oculus Studios has won an Oscar for Best Documentary Short at the 93rd Academy Awards marking the first time a video game company has been nominated and awarded an Oscar. The studio already has proven that it can deliver quality entertainment experiences and a TV show for Apex Legends fans would be quite the treat for the playerbase.

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