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[Watch] CadiaN Sneaky Double Knife Kill Against G2 Esports on Nuke


Casper “cadiaN” Moller is once again leading his Danish lineup from the front pretty well at the currently ongoing Flashpoint Season 3, which is the first European RMR tournament of the season. Heroic has been putting up decent performances in the last few tournaments and a big reason behind their revival has been their IGL and captain – CadiaN. Though it will be tough for the 25-year-old to pull off something that could match up to his impossible game-winning clutch against Gambit at ESL Pro League S13, the Dane did manage to steal another game highlight by securing consecutive knife kills against G2 Esports.

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CadiaN Secures Two Sneaky Knife Kills Against G2

Already having lost the first game on Inferno by a ‘16-11’ scoreline, G2 Esports was stopped from running away with a clean sweep as Heroic fought their way back on Nuke. Despite facing a heavy setback in the first half of the second map, Heroic fought their way back from a ‘4-11’ deficit while playing as CT.

In the second pistol round, cadiaN despite being down by 7 rounds did not stutter even once before pulling off this sneaky double knife kill. He patiently waited inside the vents predicting that at least one player from G2 would come his way. Well, cadiaN got more than what he expected as both JACKZ and NiKo fell victim to his knife, jumping down without clearing the spot.

Heroic went on to win that round, followed by 4 more victories in the rounds that followed. G2 Esports were able to steal a few rounds in the middle, but Heroic had got the confidence and the momentum as they claimed a ‘16-14’ victory to take the series down to the decider on Mirage.

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Overall, cadiaN was the standout player for Heroic on this map with 26 kills to his name along with 2 assists. He secured a K/D Ratio of +6 along with an insane ADR (Average Damage per Round) of 89.6, standing up for his side when it mattered the most.

Despite all their efforts, G2 Esports were the ones to walk away with the series, winning the matchup by a ‘2-1’ scoreline. Since then Heroic has handed a fitting ‘2-0’ defeat to Complexity and now find them up against Vitality, the match scheduled to take place on May 25. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.