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SA Players Open Up About Anxiety Problems After NoPing e-sports’ Premature GG Calls


The final series in the SA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division earlier on Friday had an anti-climatic end as NoPing e-sports’ players, in a bizarre sight, seemingly rage quitted two games. While William “hFn” Medeiros prematurely GGed out at just 22 minutes in the first game, Jose Leonardo “Panda” Padilla Hernandez’s GG call in the third game was baffling as NoPing e-sports was ahead in networth and kills. However, it was soon revealed by NoPing e-sports’ support, Farith “Matthew” Puente that the GG call by Panda was not made in a fit of rage but had instead been a result of a panic attack. Beastcoast’s support, Elvis “Scofield” De la Cruz Peña, later also talked about how health issues and panic attacks have impacted him in recent times.

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hFn and Panda’s surprising GG call in the series between NoPing e-sports and beastcoast

NoPing e-sports had entered into the series against beastcoast with a WePlay AniMajor spot already confirmed. However, they intended to win the matchup as the win would guarantee a top place finish, 500 DPC points, and a direct entry into the Major playoffs. For beastcoast, a win in the series would make them the second and final team from SA to qualify for the Major.

In game 1, a lost teamfight at just the 22-minute mark witnessed hFn calling GG and instantly disconnecting from the game. Though NoPing was trailing by nearly 10K networth, it was still surprising for the viewers since NoPing had their tier 2 towers up and there was room for a comeback. NoPing was able to secure a comfortable victory in game 2.

In game 3, a lost teamfight near the Roshan pit saw Panda calling GG even when NoPing had the networth and the kill score lead. Darkmago immediately tried to clarify the GG call by all chatting, “missclick” but the game was evidently over.

NoPing e-sports’ apology and Thunder Predator’s response

Since beastcoast won the series, both teams were now tied for the top spot and had to play a BO3 tiebreaker soon after to determine the top seed.

While the players were preparing themselves for the tiebreaker, NoPing e-sports took to Twitter to issue an apology for the behavior of their players in game one and three.

NoPing e-sports' apology for the GG callsImage Via NoPing e-sports’ TwitterSince NoPing lost the series, Thunder Predator ended in the third spot and hence, fell out of contention for the WePlay AniMajor. This seemingly did not please Thunder Predator as they went on to write their thoughts in a Twitlonger post. While summarizing the GG calls in game one and three, Thunder Predator concluded their statement by asking OGA and Valve to conduct an inquiry into the matter and take necessary action against the behavior showcased by the players of NoPing e-sports.

Matthew on Panda’s panic attacks and Scofield explaining his health issues

The tiebreaker culminated with NoPing e-sports’ 2-0 victory over beastcoast. Soon after, Matthew came on a Facebook livestream where he went on to explain the reason behind Panda’s untimely GG call in game three. He clarified to the viewers that Panda did not leave the game because he was enraged but because he had suffered from a panic attack.

“From minute 28:50 “Panda calls gg and disconnects, DarkMago says missclick to have a chance to reconect but he had already left the game. That’s what happened, we all turned to see his screen angry to tell him why he did that and when we saw him he was shaking with teary eyes and said “sorry but I can’t keep playing”; like when you want to escape from something.” … “That’s what happened, we know it can lead to missinterpretations, that he ragequitted, but that’s what happened. That’s what we will explain to the tourneys organization.”

He then keeps talking about what happened later, how they could pick up from there and motivated themselves to play the next series.”

Translated from Spanish into English by u/Alv_31

NoPing e-sports also made another Twitter post where they apologized to Thunder Predator, stating that the two GG calls were “not something purposeful, but just a combination of stress and anxiety.”

Scofield from beastcoast also revealed that he was suffering from similar health issues acknowledging them through his Facebook handle. Scofield revealed that he had been burdened by health problems such as panic attacks for the past two weeks. He had sought medical help to cope up with these problems and so asked others with similar issues to also open up and get help.

Scofield intends to spend the next week working on this issue so that he can enter the WePlay AniMajor with full force and help his team secure a direct invite to TI10.

Scofield added that he wants to play Dota 2 for the times to come. He is committed to his team and will keep working hard to become a better player and bring joy to his community, Scofield concluded. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.