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Valve Reportedly Planning to Hold Two CS:GO Majors in 2022 and 2023


Valve is planning on hosting two CS:GO Majors each year in 2022 and 2023, opening up the bidding process of these tournaments along with the RMR competitions that will be played ahead of these Majors. As reported by HLTV, a single RMR event will be played ahead of each CS:GO Major starting next year. It was further stated that Valve will be holding the first Major in May followed by another being held in November. StarLadder Berlin Major was the last CS:GO Major to take place more than 1.5 years ago in September 2019, with the next scheduled Major taking place in November later this year – PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

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2 CS:GO Majors to Reportedly Take Place in 2022, 2023

Valve is ready to get more involved with the community and once again return back to the concept of hosting 2 CS:GO Majors every year. After no Majors were played last year in 2020 due to the global health situation at that point in time, Valve did schedule a Major tournament to take place later this year in November at Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

As the first RMR event of the year kicks off for the respective regions, HLTV has come forward to report that Valve has initiated the bidding process for the next 4 CS:GO Major tournaments. Interested tournament organizers have until the end of June to submit their proposals for both the 2022 Majors and RMR competitions, with Valve selecting the host in the month of July. As for the remaining events which will be taking place in 2023, Valve will be accepting the proposals for those until November end and making their decision in the months to follow.

Further information states that Valve is targeting late May, reportedly weeks 19 and 20 to host the first Major, followed by weeks 44 and 45 to host the second Major in November. Additional comment by Valve was that “The time zone should be convenient for a significant proportion of the CS:GO customers,” informing the organizers to consider the two prime times of 16:00 CET (Central European Time) and 21:00 CET when preparing their pitch.

Everything from the single RMR event which will be acting as a qualifier to the Major itself will be a LAN tournament, with Valve providing monetary support when it comes to the total prize pool, accommodation, and travel for these tournaments.

For now, the community is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021 which is scheduled to take place from 23 October to 7 November. The first RMR event which will be acting as a qualifier is already underway with two more such events expected to take place before the Stockholm Major.

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