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T1 Tops SEA 2021 DPC Season 2 After Beating TNC Predator


T1 has demolished TNC Predator in the tiebreaker to clinch the top spot in the SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. Courtesy of this first-place finish, T1 wins a sum of $30,000 USD and the crucial 500 DPC points while also securing a direct entry into the playoffs of the WePlay AniMajor. This tiebreaker was a testimony of T1’s potential and strength as they outclassed the Filipinos to claim a comprehensive 2-0 victory. They had stable drafts and excellent teamfight synergy and rightfully deserve to be called the best SEA team in the second DPC season. TNC Predator will be disappointed for missing out on the Major playoffs spot and will now begin their Major journey from the group stages.

T1, TNC Predator, and Execration are the three SEA teams who will play at the AniMajor from June 2-13, 2021.

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T1 vs TNC Predator Tiebreaker: Match Recap, Highlights and Kuku Interview


Game 1 saw an even laning phase but then things started to favor T1 as they began making better moves around the map. TNC Predator was unable to get the right teamfight execution and so resorted to split pushing with Gabbi’s Arc Warden. T1’s cores grew too formidable to take down as they eventually won the first game in 43 minutes.

Game 2 was a stomp by T1 as they relentlessly hunted down enemy heroes. TNC tried to fight back but they seemed to always get outplayed by T1’s superior spellcasting and positioning. Kuku and his teammates easily closed out the second game in 30 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

T1 delivered one of the most clinical performances in the entire season today as they manhandled TNC Predator. Their chances of receiving a direct invite to TI10 have taken a big boost from this first-place finish. If they managed to secure a top-six finish at the WePlay AniMajor, they will guarantee themselves a TI10 slot.

SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: final standingsSEA 2021 DPC Season 2 Upper Division: final standings

Image Via LiquipediaThe disastrous loss against Lilgun has come to haunt TNC Predator who was looking like the favorites to take the top seed at the halfway mark. Their chances of securing a TI10 direct invite have also taken a big jolt because of this loss.

Interview: T1 Kuku talks about the team’s improvement and the lessons learnt from Chinese teams

In the post-match winner’s interview, T1’s captain, Carlo “Kuku” Palad, talked about his team’s improvement over the course of this DPC season. Kuku also gave insights on the lessons that T1 had learnt from facing Chinese teams in the scrims.

“I think we learnt from the losses. Yeah, I wanna lose so we can learn. (laughs) Then we come back like a king. We are the best SEA for now.

I think we learn from them (the Chinese teams) is the discipline in the game because before, when we win lanes, we are splitting on the map. So, right now, if we win lanes, we have a goal now. Before that, we are like pub gamers. It’s like, we are individually strong but the team composure is not so good but right now I think we understand how to play Dota 2.” blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.