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CS:GO Team With Average Age 75 Years Added to National Ukrainian Record Book


A special CS:GO tournament was recently conducted in Odessa, Ukraine – where a team called ‘Young Guard’ with an average age of 75 years and 2 months participated alongside schoolchildren. The unusual tournament was organized by Cybersport Federation of the South of Ukraine, and it had no restrictions when it came to player rank (ELO), gender, age, and literally any other aspect that may prevent a player from competing in it. The only rule in place was mandatory registration for all competing CS:GO players, with the participation being absolutely free. Surprisingly, this led to the ‘Young Guard’ being registered as a unique nomination within a National Ukrainian record book called the ‘National Register of Records of Ukraine’.

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CS:GO Team Gets Added to The Ukrainian Record Book

‘Young Guard’ is a one of a kind CS:GO team which comprises of players that are all above the age of 66. The youngest player in the team is 66 years and 8 months old, while the oldest player is 78 years and 8 months old. Overall the average age of the team is 75 years and 2 months, but this does not hinder them from playing CS:GO competitively, as witnessed through this LAN tournament that took place in a cyberclub called ‘Skill’ located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Their willingness to compete in a tournament alongside schoolchildren attracted Lana Vetrova who is the head of the National Register of Records of Ukraine. Vetrova registered the ‘Young Guard’ as a unique nomination within the category of elderly people, as their names got added to the ‘National Register of Records of Ukraine’ which is nothing but a national Ukrainian book of records.

“This category has recently been actively organized, replenished with new participants, and every time we are surprised at the achievements that people are showing not at 50, not at 60, but for 70 years and more. It is always very valuable for us when people of this age are active,” stated Vetrova while acknowledging the nomination of the ‘Young Guard’.

This became a historic moment as according to Vetrova, it is reportedly the first time that such a record is being set and registered within Ukraine. The players of the Old Guard were given certificates for the same after they finished playing their match

“There has never been such a record in Ukraine. This team, demonstrates not only their age indicators, but also shows their cheerfulness, optimism, which is an integral part of their success, their record.” blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.