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The Esports Club Reveals Format and Prize Pool Breakdown for TEC Gauntlet


The Esports Club launched the largest Valorant event yet in South East Asia with a prize pool of INR 5,200,000 ($71,200). The event will be split across four seasons with each season featuring its own playoffs competing for part of the prize pool. The event and the organization just revealed the upcoming event’s prize pool breakdown and format. The event will be broken down into open qualifiers, regular seasons, all-star mini-events, and the playoffs. There will be four seasons with Season 1 of the event kicking off in June 2021. The final event will conclude in January 2022.

The Esports Club Gauntlet Overview

The first season of the Esports Gauntlet will feature 16 teams in the first season who will be selected via the qualifiers. There will be independent qualifiers across four separate seasons which will feature their own share of the prize money. The schedule and brackets for the event will be available after registrations are complete.

The Esports Club Gauntlet Format

The event will be broken down into four seasons. Here are the dates for all four events. There will also be four parts in each event, which include open qualifiers, regular seasons, all-star mini-events, and playoffs.

  • TEC Gauntlet Season 1: June 2021, July 2021
  • TEC Gauntlet Season 2: August 2021, September 2021
  • TEC Gauntlet Season 3: October 2021, November 2021
  • TEC Gauntlet Season 4: December 2021, January 2022

Open Qualifiers

256 teams will compete in a single-elimination bracket to qualify for the event at the start of each season. Sixteen teams will qualify from the open qualifiers each season and each qualifier.

Regular Seasons

The top 16 teams will be separated into two groups, where the 8 teams of a group will face each other in a best-of-three, round-robin format.

  • The top 4 teams of each group will qualify for the playoff stage.
  • The 5th and 6th teams will qualify to compete at the TEC Gauntlet next season but will not qualify for the playoffs.
  • The bottom two teams from each group will be knocked out.

All-Star Event

Details for the All-Star event have not been revealed yet but it will feature the best players in the event during the break between the regular season and playoffs.


The top four teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs. There will be a double-elimination bracket in best-of-three matches with the finals being best-of-five.

The Esports Club Gauntlet Prize Pool

The event will feature a prize pool of INR 5,200,000 ($71,200), which is the largest prize pool in South East Asia till date for a Valorant event.

The playoffs prize breakdown is as follows for each season:

  • 1st Prize – INR 500,000 ($6,870)
  • 2nd Prize – INR 250,000 ($3,434)
  • 3rd Prize – INR 100,000 ($1,374)
  • 4th Prize – INR 50,000 ($687)

About The Esports Club

Founded in 2019, The Esports Club (TEC) is a Bangalore-based Esports startup with the aim of creating Esports experiences while helping grassroots community development in India and other South Asian Countries. The organization has hosted some of the biggest Valorant events in the region till date including the TEC Valorant Invitational and the TEC Challenger Series.

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