Shroud Reasons Why Valorant Is More Stressful Than CS:GO


Popular Canadian-Polish streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, a former professional Counter-Strike player who later transitioned into a full-time streamer, recently gave his opinion on why Valorant is more stressful than CS:GO. The 26-year-old before Valorant’s release was quite skeptical about the online competitive shooter, but ever since having started playing and streaming the game his perspective seems to have completely changed. He does speak against Valorant at times but only for the game to improve, as for CS:GO shroud has not touched the game in a long time, not even including it in his list of top three FPS games.

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Shroud Thinks Valorant is More Stressful Than CS:GO

Shroud in a recent Twitch stream while answering a question put forth by a viewer asking something along the lines of whether he raged more in Valorant when compared to CS:GO, answered him by stating that,

“CS is f**king easy. This shit (Valorant) is stressful, everyone is a god damn king in this game. In CS not everyone is a king.”

He said the following while playing and streaming Valorant, where he straight up got owed in that round. According to Shroud, almost every player in Valorant knows how to play the game well and give you a tough time, while this is not the case in Counter-Strike which makes it a more relaxing game.

Valorant is way more stressful as per his opinion and this makes CS:GO look quite easy. He says this despite being a former professional Counter-Strike player who has plated for organizations like Complexity and Cloud9.

Just a few days back Shroud was witnessed bashing Valorant’s ranked matchmaking along with 100 Thieves’ Hiko. He had come forward to state that,

“Literally, ranked is hot garbage because of this duo queue bulls**t. It’s such a bad dynamic. It’s not fun when you’re playing with randoms, it’s also awkward that it’s duo queue because you have a duo pair, another duo pair, and then you have a solo.”

Shroud despite being critical of Riot Games’ tactical shooter in the past has definitely turned into a supporter of the game and a big fan, evident by the fact that he wants the developer to improve Valorant. He is currently unsure if the game in its current state will be able to become as big as CS:GO.

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