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PSG.LGD Responds to OG’s Taunt on Weibo, Says it Crossed the Line


OG recently uploaded a post and a video on the Chinese blogging website, Weibo, taunting PSG.LGD’s loss in the TI8 grand finals. OG had tagged the Chinese organization, all five of its players and its coach who played at TI8 in its post. Following this, PSG.LGD has come hard at OG, calling them out for the taunting video. At the end of their reply, the Chinese organization also uploaded a morphed image of Ceb’s face, the same image that Midormeepo had tweeted via Secret’s Twitter handle seemingly causing the recent dispute between the two Dota 2 figures.

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PSG.LGD calls out OG for taunting video on Weibo

While Ceb and Midormeepo’s Twitter controversy looked to be done and dusted, a similar kind of drama has unfolded between OG and PSG.LGD. On May 19, 2021, OG had uploaded a post on Weibo, tagging the Chinese organization as well as the members of the TI8 PSG.LGD squad with the caption:

“On Ceb’s tactical notebook”

“Do you remember the summer of 2018 or the people of that summer?”

OG's Weibo post on PSG.LGDImage Via OG’s WeiboThey had seemingly trolled the Chinese organization for the loss in the TI8 finals and in addition, had also attached a clip from the “OG watches “True Sight : The International 2018 Finals” documentary where N0tail could be seen laughing.

Following this, PSG.LGD responded to OG’s Weibo post on May 21st stating that the Europeans had crossed a line. The Chinese organization was not happy with OG’s taunting post and in addition, also indirectly remarked on Ceb’s recent comments to Midormeepo.

“Personally, I agree that interaction (trash-talking) on the internet among teams is totally fine. Even a certain level of tense or harsh words is necessary sometimes. Yet, mentioning players’ personal accounts in taunting posts or cursing someone via DM crossed the line. How is that different from what keyboard warriors would do? Enough saying, hope we could still see you with your “tactical notes” at this TI. See u at TI bro”

PSG.LGD's response to OGImage Via PSG.LGD’s WeiboTranslations by u/eet789

OG has not responded to PSG.LGD’s comments on Weibo at the time of writing.

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Recently, on May 20, 2021, OG suffered a crucial loss against Team Liquid in the EU DPC. Team Secret’s Twitter handle, which frequently throws Twitter banter at the two-time TI champions, sent another barrage of tweets trolling OG. This did not bode well with Ceb who lashed out at Midormeepo, the person who handles Team Secret’s Twitter. The two individuals went on to have a heated exchange on social media.

The recent series of events and controversies surrounding the two-time TI champions have tainted their reputation in the eyes of a few Dota 2 fans. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.