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Overwatch 2 Announcement: Blizzard Shrinking Team Sizes to 5v5


One of the most defining aspects of Overwatch’s gameplay is its 6v6 gameplay. However, Blizzard is looking to shake things up by changing the PVP gameplay and bringing down the number of players per team to five instead. The team comps will include just one tank from now, instead of the usual two. Whenever Overwatch 2 gets released, the change will be applied to both games. The studio is also trying to redefine how the playerbase perceives the tank role. Instead of being the classic damage soaking shield-bearers we have known the likes of Reinhardt and Orisa to be, the developers want all tanks to feel like front-line brawlers.

What to Expect From Overwatch 2’s 5v5 PVP

After being known as a 6v6 PVP title for five years, the game is set to receive core gameplay changes with teams being shrunk to 5. Overwatch 2 will feature a 1-2-2 composition instead of the usual 2-2-2, which means that tank players will have to compete for the single tank slot when queuing for matches.

Overwatch Game Director Aaron Keller revealed that the change is designed to make the combat easier to read and understand as a spectator and players alike. It becomes harder to track what eleven players are doing in the field compared to just nine according to Keller. Reducing the team size also makes decision-making easier, as there are fewer variables to consider.

Tank and Map Reworks to Be Expected

Geoff Goodman, who is the Lead Game Designer for Overwatch revealed that the studio has no intentions of making every tank super aggro. Instead, they are shifting some of the more aggressive tanks like D.Va to a more tanky playstyle. Characters will also get a passive trait but the nature of these traits has not been revealed yet.

In addition to the tanks being changed up, the developers also want to add more cover to maps to make up for the lack of a second tank that veteran players are used to. It will help players get adjusted to the gameplay changes and rely more on cover to protect themselves from incoming damage.

Blizzard made it clear to fans that they should not be expecting the game to release in 2021. The developers will be unable to ship the title to fans by the end of this year and we will have to wait until 2022 or beyond to get our hands on the much-anticipated title.

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