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Valorant Patch 2.10: Why is Riot Games Skipping the Upcoming Patch


Valorant’s Patch 2.10 will not be deployed as Riot Games is skipping the upcoming patch. Players will have to wait a little longer for the game’s next patch as the developers are making some major changes to the game. Riot Games revealed that the game’s engine is being updated which is why Valorant’s patch 2.10 will not be deployed. Instead, the studio will directly update the game to version 2.11 sometime in June. With VCT Reykjavík set to kick off on May 24, it is likely that Riot Games does not want to push out Valorant’s patch 2.10 with major changes ahead of the tournament.

Riot Games’ Announcement on Valorant’s Patch 2.10

Riot Games put out a tweet saying that the studio needs to update the game engine. Due to the nature of the updates, the developers want to take more time testing the updates to the engine before shipping it to players. Patch 2.10 will be skipped in favor of Patch 2.11. Riot Games revealed that patch 2.11 will be deployed directly around June 8.

With VCT Reykjavík set to be the first-ever international LAN tournament for Valorant esports, it is likely that Riot Games wants to avoid any potential patch issues. The upcoming tournament kicks off on May 24 and it will be played on patch 2.09 which went live last week. The previous patch did not include any major changes. However, a number of bug fixes were introduced and Vipers received some minor changes. There were some changes that were deployed recently to aid pro play including team colors on agent abilities and improved visual synchronization of bullet tracers and impact effects.

Will Riot Re-Enable Yoru and Breeze Before Patch 2.11

Yoru has already been re-enabled in-game after the agent was locked temporarily earlier this week due to game-breaking bugs that could be abused. Players were able to use Yoru’s Gatecrash tether inside a wall and reactivate it inside. Yoru players would be able to stay inside the walls and be immune to damage.

While players would not be able to shoot through the walls, it would stall rounds as the enemy team would not be able to take out Yoru without exploits. Breeze is still locked out from ranked play and it will not be available in competitive either at the VCT Reykjavík event later this month. Breeze is likely to return in Valorant Patch 2.11.

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