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T1 Qualifies for the WePlay AniMajor


T1 has put a solid showing in the SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division to guarantee itself a spot at the WePlay AniMajor. T1 defeated OB.Neon 2-1 in a nailbiter contest in its final series in the league to end with five wins and two losses. This means that Kuku and his teammates are tied up in the first place with TNC Predator and will have a shot at directly qualifying to the Major playoffs. On the other hand, OB.Neon, who had an extremely volatile season, has surprisingly failed to book a slot in the AniMajor. They will now be facing Omega Esports and BOOM Esports in a three-way BO1 tiebreaker to avoid relegation to the Lower Division.

This series also means that Fnatic will be playing against Execration in the BO3 tiebreaker to determine the third and final team after TNC and T1 who goes to the WePlay AniMajor.

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T1 vs OB.Neon: Match Recap, Highlights and 23savage Interview


Game 1 witnessed passive Dota 2 from both sides as all cores seemingly were only focused on hitting creeps. Skem even resorted to a Radiance on his offlane Centaur Warrunner that paid dividends later. OB.Neon got the better of this passive playstyle overall as they won the game in 42 minutes.

Game 2 proved to be one heck of a contest as it went back and forth. Both teams exhibited some great Dota 2 but at the same time also made some sloppy moves. T1’s cores got a little ahead and with better initiation tools like Lion Blink, Chronosphere, and Centaur Stomp, they closed out the game in 51 minutes.

Game 3 was another edge of a seat thriller. The networth lead never heavily favored any team and it had all come down to better teamfight execution. Xepher and 23savage for T1 stole the show with excellent performances on Nyx Assassin and Lifestealer as the latter closed out the game in style with double Rampage in 50 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

T1 looked to be lackluster in the initial games but they managed to pick four wins on the trot at the end. They will be eyeing the first spot in the league when they play against TNC Predator on May 22, 2021, in the 1st-2nd place tiebreaker.

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OB.Neon’s complacent attitude has come to haunt them in the 2021 DPC Season 2 as they have failed to qualify for the Major. This must be disappointing for OB.Neon fans who had witnessed the team play extraordinarily well at the Singapore Major to secure a top-six finish. Failure to qualify also dents the Filipinos’ chances of securing a direct invite to TI10. OB.Neon will now be aiming to win the tiebreakers to not only avoid relegation but also finish fifth and earn 50 DPC points.

SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division standingsSEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division standings

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Interview: 23savage talks about the missed Chronospheres in game two against OB.Neon

T1’s safelaner, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, talked about his performance on Faceless Void and handling pressure in the second game of the series against OB.Neon.

“I missed a couple of Chronos but I did some good Chronos also. It’s kinda shaky for me but in the end, we won. I am really happy.

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