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Ceb Lashes Out at Team Secret’s Twitter Guy Midormeepo


Ceb and Midormeepo, the person who handles Team Secret’s Twitter handle, engaged in a Twitter spat against each other earlier today. During and after OG’s 2-0 loss against Team Liquid in the EU DPC series, Team Secret posted a series of Tweets taking jabs at OG. One of these Tweets was specifically targeted at Sébastien “Ceb” Deb, through the use of a morphed photo of his. This prompted Ceb to send some heated private messages to Midormeepo, the contents of which were later made public. This has led to further heated disagreements between the two.

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Ceb calls out Midormeepo, Team Secret’s Twitter person, for trolling OG after the loss to Team Liquid

The spat started when Midormeepo posted a screenshot of his Twitter DM with Ceb, with the caption “nothing like waking up to fan messages”. Midormeepo translated Ceb’s comments into English which were originally written in French.

Midormeepo's Twitter spat with CebImage Via Midormeepo’s TwitterMoments later, Ceb replied stating that the Midormeepo had only posted a part of his comments and had not made the entire conversation public. After alleging that Midormeepo was playing a “silly game” and “cutting the messages on purpose,” Ceb posted a screenshot in which almost all of his remarks in French could be seen.

Ceb then translated his messages into English and lambasted Midormeepo by stating that the latter had intended to create hate by posting only a part of the comments. Ceb was also dissatisfied with the fact that Midormeepo had taken the matter directly to Twitter without messaging him in private.

Ceb and Midormeepo's Twitter spatImage Via Ceb’s TwitterMeanwhile, Midormeepo also translated Ceb’s remarks into English. In a reply, Ceb stated that Midormeepo’s sneakiness had been exposed due to this.

OG’s History With Midormeepo

Ceb then went on to state that he and the “people at OG” had introduced Midormeepo to the Dota 2 scene because they respected his work and dedication. They had helped Midormeepo with a job at Team Secret and because of all this history, Ceb was curious to understand the reason behind Midormeepo’s “hate” towards them.

Ceb and Midormeepo's Twitter spatImage Via Ceb’s TwitterMidormeepo replied that he had always respected Ceb and OG until now. The meme creator also went on to mention the list of people who, according to him, had actually helped him get work in the Dota 2 industry. Ceb refuted this statement and asked Midormeepo to get his record straight.

Following this, Midormeepo stated that the “records” mentioned above were set straight in private messages.

While the issue was transpiring on Twitter, Team Secret’s Twitter handle posted an image of Ceb’s “offended” spray included in OG’s team bundle.

While Ceb never publicly mentioned the exact tweet that he felt was wrong, it is likely that he is referring to the entire barrage of memes that Secret’s Twitter handle had posted the previous day during and after OG’s series against Team Liquid. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.