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The last day of the EU DPC Upper Division has guaranteed tie-breakers.


With only one series remaining, the last day of the EU DPC Upper Division is guaranteed to have tie-breakers no matter which team wins in the last series. Only one team has guaranteed a spot at the Major after these 5 weeks of the DPC and that is Team Alliance who are very comfortably seated at the top of the table with a 6-1 score and no possibility of losing their top position. And the positions of the rest of the table except Hellbear Smashers who have lost all of their series’, will be decided by this final series. OG and Team Liquid will have a showdown on the last day of the EU DPC, 19th May 2021.

Fate of EU Upper DIvision tie-breakers on the last matchup of the season

Team Secret and Tundra Esports secured crucial wins in the second last day of the EU DPC Upper Division. Tundra took the series against Team Nigma, saving themselves from a guaranteed relegation to the Lower Division, and Team Secret defeated Brame to have a potential shot at getting to the Major by invoking tie-breakers.

There are two possible scenarios from the outcome of the last matchup of the season. Team Liquid and OG face-off after a lot of anticipation and the hype is built up. Here are the two outcomes and what they imply for the Upper Division teams.

Scenario One – Team Liquid wins vs OG

This scenario is the less impactful one. If Team Liquid wins vs OG then they will be guaranteed second place and a spot at the Group stage of the Major. The tie-breakers in this scenario will be between OG, Brame, and Tundra for a 5-7th place out of which, the team that gets 7th will be relegated along with Hellbear Smashers. Team Nigma and Team Secret will not play any tie-breakers in this scenario since they are tied for 3-4th which are the wildcard sports and one spot does not have superiority over the other.

Scenario Two – OG wins vs Team Liquid

There are multiple tie-breakers in this scenario. If OG defeats Team Liquid, then they, along with Nigma, Team Secret, and Team Liquid, will all have a 4-3 score. Thus, the four teams have to play a massive tiebreaker for the 2-5th place spots, and one team gets the spot in the Major’s group stage, while the others get wildcard spots, and the team finishing in 5th place will not qualify for the Major.

Tundra and Brame will also be playing a tie-breaker match for 6-7th place, to determine who is to be relegated to the Lower Division.

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The tiebreaker is perhaps one of the biggest in the DPC, with Team Liquid and OG facing off to determine the fate of the entire EU DPC 2021 S2 on May 19th, 2021. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.