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The KOF Mobile Legends Collab 2021: All We Know


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will only include previously released King of Fighters (KOF) collaboration skins on May 22, 2021 according to the latest data mines. The KOF Mobile Legends collaboration event will be released as an encore event. This means that no new skins will be added to the skin line. The event will last for one whole month with the first week focused on giving away free tickets for players to use in the draw event. If you’re interested to know more about the return of the KOF Mobile Legends Collab in 2021, here are more details.

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The KOF Mobile Legends Collab 2021: Details

According to a data miner and content creator Kazuki Official, The KOF Encore event will return on May 22 and will last until June 20, 2021. The event will bring back the old KOF Collaboration skins and will give players a chance to acquire these skins one more time if they missed the event last year.

The KOF Mobile Legends Collab 2021: All We KnowComplete event task to earn draw tickets.The first week of the KOF Encore event will provide players with a lot of KOF Bingo Lottery Tickets by completing event tasks daily. These tickets will be used to draw from the event.

KOF Encore Event Draw Price

A single draw costs 225 Diamonds while choosing the “Open 10x” option costs 2250 Diamonds. The first 10 draws in the event will be cheap with a 30% discount and will cost only 1,574 Diamonds.

The KOF Mobile Legends Collab 2021: All We KnowThe draw event also has a bingo mini-game that rewards Epic Tier skins.The KOF Bingo Lottery tickets can be used as substitutes for diamonds during the event. Players will receive the Karina “Leona” skin in their first 10 draws in the event. If they already own the skin, a random epic skin will be provided.

KOF Encore Bingo Mini-Game

Players can acquire Bingo tokens by spending diamonds or using their KOF Bingo Lottery tickets to pull in the event. If players can complete a line in the Bingo interface, they can receive an Epic tier skin as a reward.

The KOF Mobile Legends Collab 2021: All We KnowEach Bingo will reward players with an Epic Tier skin.The Bingo event will prioritize limited-edition skins so players have a higher chance of receiving a KOF skin.

KOF Encore Skin Sale

Two KOF skins will also be back on sale with a 30% discount for 30 days. The skins are “Athena Asamiya” Guinevere and “Orochi Chris” Dyrroth.

The KOF Mobile Legends Collab 2021: All We KnowTwo skins will be released on sale.Players who plan on drawing from the event are advised to hold out in purchasing these skins as they also have a chance to acquire both skins from the KOF Encore event.

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KOF Mobile Legends Collab Skins

Here are the previously released KOG Collaboration Skins in MLBB;

  • Guinevere “Athena Asamiya”
  • Chou “Iori Yagami”
  • Karina “Leona”
  • Aurora “Kula Diamond”
  • Dyrroth “Orochi Chris”
  • Gusion “K”

These skins are limited-time skins and will only be available through the KOF Collaboration Event in Mobile Legends.

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