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Apex Legends: Respawn Promises “Spicy” Revenant and Rampart Buffs in Upcoming Patch


Respawn Entertainment has released a number of post-launch legends in Apex Legends and while the likes of Octane and Horizon have been highly effective, legends like Rampart and Revenant did not quite meet fan expectations. Both Rampart and Revenant have low pickrates but Respawn is looking to change things up for the underused legends in an upcoming patch. Respawn developers took to Reddit recently and shared their thoughts on the current legend meta and gave fans a glimpse of what changes to expect in future updates.

Revenant Changes Will Make Him “Climb to The top” According to Respawn

Revenant Apex LegendsThe developers think that Revenant is still weak and future changes are in the works but details were not shared with the fans. Respawn Entertainment’s Daniel Z. Klein said “So long as people playing as him / against him have fun, numbers are fake anyway. And while I can’t give you any details on the buffs we’re trying out, I can tell you he’ll certainly climb to the top.”

Fans speculated from the wording that Revenant might be getting some movement-based changes from the phase “climb to the top.” Revenant can already climb much higher than every other legend in the game and he has better parkour skills as a passive trait. We may see some improvements to his movement kit.

Rampart to Get a “Spicy” Buff in Season 10

Rampart Apex LegendsSome Rampart changes are in the works but they will not be implemented until Season 10. Respawn revealed that it is a “bit too early to talk about her spicy buff because we don’t yet know if it’ll work and if so when we can ship it.” The developers said that fans can expect the changes hallway through Season 10. One of the biggest issues with Rampart is that she is a stationary character when using her amp shields and SHIELA. Adding some form of mobility to the character will allow her to be a lot more viable.

Potential Lifeline Changes Incoming

Lifeline Apex Legends

Klein said that Lifeline is doing a little too well after her rework but the developers are not too sure yet. She “wins too often” and the developers are not sure if they want to make any changes to her kit or not. They do not want to nerf her based on her pickrate alone as she may be a balanced legend but her role as the only healer in the game might is possibly one of the contributing factors to her success.

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