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Apex Legends Damage Record: Will Anyone Be Able to Break IiTzTimmy’s Record?


Apex Legends’ damage record is currently sitting at 9069 across 24 kills. The record was set by IiTzTimmy, who is NRG Aceu’s brother. Timmy is currently one of the best pubs player in the game and his damage record was set back in February 2021. Since then, the player attempted to break his own Apex Legends damage record, but failed to do so. Other players have been unable to break the record so far. It is not possible to break the Apex Legends damage record in Arenas and in some limited time events as the damage does not count towards the standard battle royale statistics.

IiTzTimmy’s Apex Legends Damage Record

Despite IiTzTimmy holding the current Apex Legends damage record, he feels that he could have crossed 10,000 damage in the same match he got 9,069 damage in. In his video where he showcased his feat of getting the world’s highest damage number in Apex Legends in a single match, he said that he should have damaged the enemies he downed to increase his damage number even further.

The Apex Legends damage record has remained intact since February 2021 and even after IiTzTimmy tried several times to cross the 10,000-damage mark, he has been unable to achieve the feat.

How to Get A High Damage Record in Apex Legends

There is no in-game achievement for breaking the damage record. However, there are third-party leaderboards that showcase the highest damage in a game players can compete to reach the number one spot.

In Apex Legends, there are ways to get damage badges for your characters. Here are the following badges that you can earn:

  • [Legend]’s Wake – Kill at least 20 enemies in one game.
  • [Legend]’s Wrath I – Deal 2,000 damage in a single game.
  • [Legend]’s Wrath II – Deal 2,500 damage in a single game.
  • [Legend]’s Wrath III – Deal 3,000 damage in a single game.
  • [Legend]’s Wrath IV – Deal 4,000 damage in a single game.

These badges have to be earned per character. There is also the [Legend]’s Wake badge which requires you to get 20 kills in a single badge. The Wrath and Wake badges are currently the most sought-after badges in the game and it takes a great amount of skill to earn them.

To get a high damage game, you will need to hot-drop and win all of your fights. You can make it easier by seeking assistance in a premade squad. Your teammates can help you scout and reposition to take one fight after another and get the maximum damage possible. You can also ask your teammates to not finish downed enemies as you can get an additional 100 damage by finishing off your kills.

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