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5E Arena to Launch Its CS:GO Servers in India on May 21


CS:GO Platform 5E Arena is set to launch its servers for the Indian player base on May 21st, 2021 at 12:00 PM IST. The 5E Arena platform is aiming to become the most popular third-party CS:GO systems in Asia. The platform’s 128-tick servers will ensure that players in the Indian Counter-Strike community have a smooth and consistent gameplay experience, as will the anti-cheat measures designed to promote fair play. Additionally, players have the option of saving highlights, setting up private configurations, competing in ladders, and more. CS:GO players can download the official 5E Arena app and play on the new India servers later this week.

“We have been listening to feedback, and we are delighted to bring our platform to users in India,” said Colin Gan, 5E Arena’s APAC Project Lead. “We understand there is a serious passion for CS:GO in the country, and we feel that these users have been overlooked.”

5E Arena: Key Features

5E Arena

The service also includes 5EBOX, a configuration tool that offers additional features to players allowing CS:GO fans who are on the platform to synchronize their private configurations anytime and anywhere using the app. Additionally, 5E Arena will also offer a highlight system that will allow players to seamlessly record clips on the app and share them on social media.

There are also training modes in the 5E Arena app, which allow players to practice jumps, recoil control, target accuracy, and more. Players can also generate their own crosshairs and configurations using specialized maps.

5E Arena also records your personal stats and offers a statistical breakdown of your performances, allowing you to track your own progress.

There are currently no plans to have India-only leaderboards. However, 5E Arena seeks to host a tournament in the country to showcase its services. More details on the event will be shared at a later date.

About 5E Arena

5E Arena

5E Arena is the international version of the popular 5E Win application, which is one of the most popular free-to-play platforms for CS:GO in Asia, where players can play in a safe environment with strict anti-cheat measures. The platform also has its own server system and pro league, where players compete in.

To download 5E Arena, visit the official website and click the download button. You can contact 5E Arena via its official discord channel if you have any questions.

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