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Riot Games Disables Yoru in Valorant Indefinitely Due to Game-Breaking Exploit


Yoru has been disabled in Valorant due to Riot Games receiving complaints about his Gatecrash being abused by players to become ‘invincible’. There is an exploit that was discovered which allowed Yoru players to use his Gatecrash ability in unintended ways. Players were able to teleport inside walls in Bind, Haven and Ascent. A similar exploit was found last week on Breeze and it led to the map being disabled from the competitive queue. But players were quick to get the exploit working in some of the older maps as well. It is unknown when the agent will be reactivated by Riot Games.

What is The Yoru Exploit in Valorant

Players were able to use Yoru’s Gatecrash tether inside a wall and reactivate it inside. Yoru players would be able to stay inside the walls and be immune to damage. While players would not be able to shoot through the walls, it would stall rounds as the enemy team would not be able to take out Yoru without exploits. After receiving complaints from the community, Riot Games issued an update telling the community that the agent has been disabled.

Why Was Breeze Disabled From The Competitive Queue

There were locations within walls that Yoru could enter in Breeze, and Riot Games disabled the map from the competitive queue indefinitely. There was already a two-week restriction in place with the new map not being available as part of the competitive queue since its launch. However, until the exploit is fixed, the map will not be available even after the two-week mark. Riot Games has not revealed when a fix will be available.

When Will Yoru Be Available Again?

Riot Games has not revealed when Yoru and Breeze will be re-enabled and the next patch (2.11) is expected to drop on June 8. However, whenever similar issues have occurred in the past, Riot Games has deployed quick fixes. Last year, Raze was disabled temporarily as there were bugs with her ultimate, Showstopper. Ascent was also be disabled temporarily from competitive matchmaking due to a faulty wall on the map. Fixes were deployed within a couple of days and the developers are likely to push out a quick fix.

While some bugs are harmless, the Yoru bug violates competitive integrity when exploited. The bug allowed Yoru to plant spikes from inside the Breeze pyramid. Similar spots have been discovered in other maps as well and Riot Games does not want the player base to take advantage of these bugs as it can negatively affect player experience.

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