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NIP Wins the Controversial Rematch Against Anonymo at Flashpoint Season 3


Ninjas in Pyjamas was able to win the controversy stricken rematch against Anonymo Esports at the currently ongoing Flashpoint Season 3. This results in NIP advancing forward in the upper bracket to go up against FunPlus Phoenix, while Anonymo drops down to face the Danish lineup of HYENAS. The initial series between the two teams had taken place on May 14 where NIP had faced a consistent packet loss through almost all the matches. They were not able to find a solution to the problem and were forced to play the series by the tournament organizers, following which they filed a complaint along with proof and Flashpoint agreed to replay the match.

There was a huge uproar by the community members, including professional players, talents, and renowned personalities, after Flashpoint had taken this decision. They were empathetic to NIP’s situation but were against the decision to hold the match again as it was not fair to Anonymo.

Anonymo were given the option to choose between replaying the entire BO3 series or just the final map on Mirage. Initially, they had refused to play the match again, but the final decision was taken as replaying just the final game on Mirage.

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NIP secures a close rematch win against Anonymo

Even after the final rematch decision was made a lot of community members had come forward to announce their disappointment with the Flashpoint tournament organizers. However, the match did go on to take place on Mirage and it was definitely worth watching as the two teams went toe-to-toe against each other.

NIP had started strong in the first half but lost their momentum in between, somehow managing to scavenge a few rounds towards the tail end of the first half to finish with an ‘8-7’ advantage. The second half was a bit more stable for NIP as they rushed towards the map point, but once again came to a sudden halt as Anonymo won 3 rounds in a row.

Somehow NIP managed to crawl through the finish line on the back of a huge clutch by Plopski, winning the map with a ‘16-14’ scoreline and advancing ahead in the upper bracket itself.

This win overturns the initial decision where Anonymo had won the series with a ‘2-1’ scoreline. Now, NIP has been declared as the winner of this series and it will be the other team replacing them in the lower bracket match against the Danish lineup of HYENAS.

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