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Mobile Legends Kimmy Guide: Everything You Need to Know


Kimmy, the Jetpack Rebel is one of the unique marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She is the only marksman who can deal a mix of physical and magical damage. She can also freely attack while moving around which is perfect when chasing enemies. Kimmy has a great early to mid-game performance but doesn’t generally scale too well into the late game when compared to traditional marksmen like Yi Sun-Shin and Wanwan. This means that you will need to finish the game as early as possible when playing Kimmy or else you will be overwhelmed by late-game heroes. If you are curious about MLBB’s unique marksman hero Kimmy, here is everything you need to know about her.

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Who is Kimmy in Mobile Legends?

According to the lore, Kimmy is a girl who grew up in a military family where she was taught to be straightforward, self-disciplined, and obedient. She also has a passion for research and innovation. Later, Kimmy invented a jetpack and a chemical-powered splat gun which she used to serve the Empire Army.

Mobile Legends Kimmy Guide: Everything You Need to Know Kimmy’s default skin in MLBB.

In ML, Kimmy is a unique marksman that can switch between a physical or magical damage build depending on the situation. With her jetpack, she can continuously shoot at enemies while moving around. Her unique mechanic allows her to hit enemies in all directions while chasing them down.

Is Kimmy Difficult to Play in Mobile Legends?

In MLBB, Kimmy has a high skill ceiling and is difficult to play for beginners. Players will have to spend hours practicing her mechanics in order to properly aim their attacks while maintaining mobility. Kimmy also converts her attack speed into bonus movement speed so it is not advisable to build too much attack speed for her.

Kimmy Skill and Ability Descriptions in MLBB

Mobile Legends Kimmy Guide: Everything You Need to Know Kimmy Hero PreviewKimmy relies on energy to cast skills, which she can get by hitting enemies with her attacks.

Here is a quick summary of Kimmy’s abilities;

Passive: Chemist’s Instinct

Kimmy can aim her gun freely while moving at a cost of accuracy. She regenerates energy when she hits enemies with her gun. Every attack speed she receives will be converted to a movement speed bonus.

1st Skill: Energy Transformation

Kimmy can toggle this skill to gain extra range and her bullets will change into chemical balls. Each ball costs six energy and deals a mix of physical and magical damage.

2nd Skill: Chemical Refinement

Shoots out an enhanced chemical spray whose recoil pushes her backward for a limited distance. The chemical spray will create contaminated areas which will damage and slow enemies who step on it. Kimmy also restores a small amount of energy when she casts chemical refinement.

Ultimate: Maximum Charge

Kimmy charges for a short while before launching an attack that explodes upon impact, dealing physical and magical damage. Kimmy regenerates energy when she hits enemies with this skill.

Best Build for Kimmy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Kimmy works best in Gold Lane where she can farm and hit her power spike quickly. Her item build is pretty flexible. You can choose to build her as a physical or magical damage marksman depending on the situation.

Physical Damage Build

Mobile Legends Kimmy Guide: Everything You Need to Know Kimmy Physical Item BuildYou can start by building Arcane Boots or Rapid Boots depending on whether you need extra damage or movement speed. After purchasing your boots, get Blade of Despair, Berserker’s Fury, Haas’s Claws, Demon Hunter Sword, or Immortality.

Magical Damage Build

Mobile Legends Kimmy Guide: Everything You Need to Know Kimmy Magical Item BuildYou can build Arcane Boots for extra magic penetration or Rapid Boots for more movement speed. Afterward, get Glowing Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Genius Wand, Holy Crystal, and Blood Wings.

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Mobile Legends Skins for Kimmy

Kimmy currently has five skins in MLBB. Here are the names and where you can find them;

Mobile Legends Kimmy Guide: Everything You Need to Know Kimmy “Charge Leader” SkinRegular Skins

  • Steam Researcher – In-game Shop 260 Diamonds
  • Charge Leader – 749 Diamonds
  • Frost Wing (Epic) – 899 Diamonds

Limited-Time Skins

  • Bio Frontliner (March 2019 Starlight Skin) – 200 Rare Skin Fragment
  • Astrocat (Epic) – July 2019 Lucky Box

Kimmy Quotes in MLBB

Here are Kimmy’s quotes that you will hear while playing as her in Mobile Legends;


  • “Fighting, Kimmy!”

Frost Wing Skin

  • “*sings* Hush little baby don’t say a word, Kimmy’s gonna bring you a cold iceberg.”
  • “Some lessons need to be repeated.”
  • “Calm and cool. Just like Ice.”

Hero Movement

  • “Huh, running away? You disappoint me!”
  • “Taking the fresh air of the empire.”
  • “Wow! I’m a genius!”
  • “I shall change the world as i see fit!”
  • “Combine magic with technology and you shall have true power!”
  • “Papa! *laughs* Look at these fools!”
  • “Pain is my special gift, just for you!”

In conclusion, Kimmy is a very versatile marksman in MLBB who can switch her main damage type depending on the situation. However, her late-game presence gets so bad that it is almost impossible to win trades without your team’s assistance. Hopefully, this Kimmy guide will help you understand the hero’s abilities and item builds to use her efficiently in Mobile Legends. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.