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How to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PC and Console


Slide cancel in Warzone on both PC and console is a great movement mechanic that you can use to take easier gun fights against other players. It allows you to breeze around corners faster during fights and catch your enemies by surprise. Slide canceling in Warzone is possible on any platform but it takes a lot of practice to pull it off consistently every single time. While such advanced movement techniques will not make you win every gunfight, they can help you get an edge over your opponents during tense situations. Here is how you can slide cancel on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

What is Slide Cancel in Warzone?

Slide cancels in Warzone let you get around the map slightly faster. It is a bit faster than sprinting and the mechanic has been around in older Call of Duty games as well. You essentially make use of multiple tactical sprints in quick succession by canceling your slides and it allows you to move faster than normal sprinting. The mechanic has been around for quite some time in the Call of Duty franchise but the developers have toned down its effectiveness in Warzone.

How to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PC?

If you want to slide cancel in Warzone on PC using a keyboard and mouse, you will need to make some adjustments to your key binds. From the controls menu under Settings, change Stance/Slide to Left Ctrl. Now you will be able to spam your tactical strafes and move around faster. Here is how to pull off a slide cancel:

  1. Double-tap your tactical sprint button
  2. Press the Change Stance/Slide button

You will need to develop a rhythm as it requires near perfect timing. You want to hit the change stance/slide button as soon as you get your initial burst of momentum.

How to Slide Cancel in Warzone on PlayStation and Xbox?

If you are playing on console or using a controller on PC, you do not have to worry about any key bindings. Slide canceling in Warzone is much easier on a controller and here is how you do it:

  1. Double-tap the forward analog stick to start sprinting
  2. Hold down crouch to start sliding
  3. As soon as the slide starts, hit the crouch button again

Using the movement technique will allow you to traverse the map faster and it can also be used in gunfights when you want to quickly peek around corners.

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