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The Most Important Week of The NA DPC Season 2 Upper Division


The NA DPC Upper Division is on its final stretch and we are seeing a very similar (if not the same) situation as last season. Week five of the NA Upper Division has concluded and out of the previously undefeated top three teams – Undying, Evil Geniuses (EG), and Quincy Crew, only Quincy Crew has emerged undefeated. EG stomped Undying and broke their streak early into the week with a 2-0 victory over them. And in the last series of the week, Quincy Crew managed to claw a victory over EG making them the only remaining undefeated team.

The deciding week of the NA DPC Upper Division

The hopes of the top three teams for the Major rely on the last two series of the season. Here are the current standings as of the end of Week 5 of the NA Upper Division

In the last two series of the DPC season on May 20th, 2021, EG will face BlackNYellow while Quincy Crew has a showdown against Undying. There are three possible outcomes with a very real chance that it will end just like last season, with a three-way tie for the top spot between EG, Quincy Crew, and Undying. It is worth noting that NA Upper Division only gets two spots at the Major which is why only a top-two placement matters.

The following are the possible outcomes of the NA DPC Season 2 Upper Division Week 6:

Scenario 1 – EG wins and Quincy Wins

If EG and Quincy Crew both win their matchups, Quincy will take the top spot with a 7-0 score and EG will finish second with a 6-1 score. Consequently, Undying will then finish third with a 5-2 score resulting in Quincy Crew and EG qualifying for the Major.

Scenario 2 – EG loses and Quincy Wins

If EG loses and Quincy Crew wins, then the latter still ends up as the champion of the Upper Division. There will however be a tie-breaker for second place since both EG and Undying will have a 5-2 score.

Scenario 3 – EG wins and Undying Wins

The third outcome is the most complicated of them all. If EG and Undying both win their matchups, we will witness a repeat of the first season where EG, Quincy Crew, and Undying all end up with a 6-1 score and will play a massive three-way tiebreaker for first and second place. Last season, EG and Quincy Crew came out the victors.

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It will be interesting to see the outcome of this situation. EG is the most relaxed of the three teams because they have already secured the DPC points to attend TI which is the ultimate goal of every Dota 2 team. If Quincy Crew and Undying manage to qualify for TI alongside EG, we will see three NA teams at TI. These crucial last games will be played on May 20 2021 and you can catch them at the BeyondTheSummit DPC Livestream. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.