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Apex Legends Emote Glitches To Be Left In-Game, Hints Respawn Director of Comms


The Apex Legends moving emote glitch has been one of the highlights of the Season 9 patch. Respawn Entertainment introduced emotes to the game but there is a bugged interaction that allows players to emote while moving around the map. This has lead to some hilarious moments with players sharing their experiences of the bug. Respawn is aware of the issue however, it looks like the studio does not want to fix it as it is seemingly harmless. Respawn’s Director of Communications Ryan Krigney suggested in a recent Reddit thread that the studio does not mind players using the emote glitch in-game.

What is The Apex Legends Emote Glitch

Emotes were introduced in Apex Legends in its latest seasonal update and players can use them in victory screens and during matches. There is a bug that involves using your movement keys while using an emote to bounce around the map.

Here is how to replicate the Apex Legends moving emote glitch.

  1. Hold the Emote button to open the emote selection radial
  2. Jump forward without letting go of Spacebar and W
  3. Click on your Emote

You will now be able to bounce around the map. It is much easier to pull off on mouse and keyboard but controller users should be able to get the hang of it too with some practice.

Why Respawn Entertainment might not fix the Apex Legends Movement glitch

On May 10, the official Apex Legends Twitter account showcased the bug. It led to a lot of discussion on Reddit where players were confused about how Respawn is going to tackle it. The company’s director of communications, Ryan Krigney, commented on the issue via a Reddit thread on the topic. Some players were suggesting that the Twitter team that shared the emote glitch may be completely unrelated to the development team and the bug may be fixed soon. Krigney responded saying “We do [work in unison with the devs].”

It does not look like the studio is working towards the fix as it has not been listed in the official Trello board where Respawn lists all the bugs and issues the developers work on. This Trello board was created back in 2019 to promote transparency between the developers and the player base to keep everyone in the community updated on what changes are headed to the game.

Can the emote glitch in Apex Legends be abused?

When emotes were added to the game, the developers announced that there will be third-person peeking prevention measures in place. This means that players will not be able to exploit emotes to look around corners. Any object or character that you cannot see while in first-person, will not be visible in third-person when using emotes. It prevents emotes from being exploited and it renders the emote glitch completely harmless.

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