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Valve Hammers Popular CS:GO Cheat With Full VAC Detection, Bans Several Hackers


Valve dropped multiple updates for CS:GO in the last few days which carried along with it several improvements for the existing VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat). The 240 MB update apparently contained 2 new modules, which made the VAC proficient enough to detect one of the best free CS:GO cheats, according to information made public by ‘u/AlphaSlashDash’. The name of the cheat was not revealed by the user, who otherwise provided a lot of proof suggesting that the VAC had actually become capable of completely detecting this particular cheat. In fact, Valve has already started taking action by imposing VAC bans against several hackers, locking down their accounts permanently.

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Valve hammers one of the best free CS:GO cheat

The VAC seems to have become more potent after the recent 240 MB CS:GO update, which has added 2 new modules to it. Without getting into a lot of technicalities according to information shared by ‘u/AlphaSlashDash’, this is what the added modules function as,

  • Module 1 seems to consist of a ‘Process Memory Handle Listener’ which apparently flags all calls made to the ‘Read Process Memory/Write Process Memory’.

  • Module 2 on the other hand is an integrity check that utilizes a variety of assorted hashing algorithms which has been implemented in C++. This module apparently runs a full S&I check on the currently running game platform like source.exe, hl2.exe, csgo.exe. To prevent false positives, it runs the checks on the modules loaded as well.

Apparently, due to the addition of these 2 modules the unnamed popular free CS:GO cheat is now completely detectable by Valve. This has also been stated on a popular CS:GO cheats subreddit (unnamed), as evident from the image attached below.

Several hackers handed VAC bans

As a consequence of this update by Valve, several hackers have been handed a VAC ban already. The best thing is that not only is their smurf or temporary accounts permanently disabled but in many cases, their main accounts have also been successfully taken down.

A statement on the unnamed subreddit stated that, “The majority of (the) persons that have used the cheat in the last 2-3 months will most likely be banned soon. ‘Unnamed’ Project will be shutting down soon.”

Valve was able to get a hang of the data about the hackers alternate accounts based on ‘Directory Structure’, as alleged by ‘u/AlphaSlashDash’. The data was somewhere within the ’userdata’ folder under the Steam installation directory.

As per a few community members, the name of the ‘unnamed’ popular free CS:GO cheat that has now been completely detected by VAC seems to be ‘RatPoison’. No official statement has been released by the developers themselves, but the proof attached above seems to tell a story that VAC may have received quite a significant boost as part of the recent update.

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