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PPD Alleges That OG Cancelled Their Scrims with Alliance After Coaching Controversy


In the wake of the Dota 2 coaching controversy, Alliance’s relationships with OG appear to have suffered, as Peter “PPD” Dager revealed in one of his recent livestreams that OG canceled their scrims with Alliance. In addition, PPD also remarked on OG’s punctuality in a couple of scrims mentioning that his team was left cooling its heels after N0tail and his teammates turned up quite late. The Alliance and OG have been feuding on Twitter since the former was seen using PPD as their in-game coach in a DPC match. Although it was later reported that Alliance’s players were not violating any rules, the ties between the two teams appear to have loosened.

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PPD alleges that OG canceled scrims against Alliance

PPD had joined Alliance as their Dota 2 coach in the middle of the EU 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division on May 6, 2021. After the team published a Vlog on its YouTube channel where PPD was heard guiding Alliance in-game, a bizarre Dota 2 drama unfolded on Twitter.

PPD AllianceImage Via Alliance’s TwitterAlliance and OG members and management, including N0tail and kellymilkies have come hard at each other in their tweets and replies, which has apparently led to a worsening of the relationship between the two sides.

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In a recent stream, PPD stated that OG decided to cancel the scrims with Alliance.

“I am gonna talk about the OG.. the coaching debacle right. So, after this huge coaching debacle with all this [drama], OG canceled all of their scrims against us. We had like two sets of scrims we were supposed to play them, [on] tomorrow and the next day.

Here’s the thing, though. The thing that they are not angels either. These guys were like 20 to 30 minutes late for our last set, and the set before that, they messed up time zones, and they were over an hour late for the scrims.“

He also talked about how and why Alliance had recruited him. PPD revealed that he was aware of his position within the Dota 2 ecosystem after being kicked from Sadboys and had no expectations to do something seriously competitive. In the meantime, S4 texted PPD to ask if he was available for the role of coach Alliance. PPD specifically mentioned the new coaching rule that allowed coaches to communicate with players in-game as the main reason for his recruitment.

However, after ESL and DreamHack had reverted this rule, he said that Alliance agreed to keep him on as a traditional coach from now on.

“So I’m just going to be a traditional coach from now on, and we’ll see how that goes. So that’s pretty Pog, that’s why I tweeted I didn’t get fired today.”

Alliance and OG are currently competing in the EU 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. Alliance has already guaranteed a Major slot and plays its last series against Hellbear Smashers on May 16. OG is still in the running for one of the three remaining spots and plays Team Nigma later on the same day. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.