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How to Check Total Money You Have Spent on CS:GO Skins


Every CS:GO player at a certain point in time has wondered if it is possible to check how much money they have spent on the game so far. Well, there is actually a legit way to find out the exact amount that you have spent on CS:GO skins and other cosmetics. These virtual items are quite popular and every player owns at least one skin, thanks to all the free drops that Valve gives us randomly after a match or when we level up our profile rank. But CS:GO skins are much more than regular in-game cosmetics due to the value they hold within the intricate ecosystem created by Valve.

CS:GO skins never lose their value and can always be sold or traded, in exchange for other skins or money. This is possible either through the Steam Community Market or third-party applications, making them unique and sustainable in their own way. Read on to find out how much you have spent on your CS:GO inventory so far.

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How Much Money Have You Spent on CS:GO Skins?

The easiest and the most simple way to find out total money that you have spent so far in CS:GO be it for skins, stickers, patches, operation pass, or any other cosmetic is through Steam itself. You can simply follow the steps listed below to check this interesting statistic yourself,

  • First, start ‘Steam’. Once the client opens up click on your ‘Username’ next to the ‘Community’ tab.

  • A list of options will roll down, click on ‘Inventory’. This will open the cosmetic collection of every Steam game that you own.

  • Under the common ‘Steam’ tab, select one of the CS:GO badges that you might own and then click on ‘View Badge Progress’.
  • A new page will open up showing your entire CS:GO badge collection. On the top right corner, there will be a question ‘How do I earn card drops?’. Click on it.

  • That is pretty much it, a pop-up will appear on your screen where it will be mentioned how much amount have you spent in CS:GO so far. The message will appear like the one mentioned below,

    “You have spent approximately $2,409.99 USD in the game after this card set was released”

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The amount mentioned above might be slightly flawed and is not the absolute or true value, as it takes into account all the trades that the player has made through that account. So even though there might be an error in some cases, this is the most direct and safest method of calculating the amount spent by you in CS:GO.

There are other ways to know the total worth of your CS:GO inventory through third-party websites, but even that in some ways is flawed as it only informs the user about their inventory worth at that point in time. Also, it is altogether a different metric and will not be giving the user any data about the total money spent by them on CS:GO. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.