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515 Party Star Event Revealed: Win Free Harith Skin


As part of Moonton’s 515 Eparty, a new draw event called 515 Party Star has been released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, giving players a chance to obtain the Fashion Expert Harith skin for free. In the 515 Party Star Event players will need to acquire Harith’s Headphones which will serve as tickets. Four Harith’s Headphones are required to enter once, and players can acquire these headphones by completing event tasks each day. The 515 Party Star event will last from May 13 until May 31, 2021.

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515 Party Star Event: Details

The 515 Eparty mini-event that Mobile Legends fans have been anticipating has finally been released. The 515 Party Star event is due to take place from May 13 through May 31, 2021, and will give players the chance to obtain the Fashion Expert Harith limited-time skin for free.

The event is very straightforward

  1. Complete event tasks to acquire Harith’s Headphones.
  2. Players can use Harith’s Headphones to draw from the event.
  3. 4 Harith’s Headphones are needed to draw once
  4. The Fashion Expert Harith skin is guaranteed within 10 draws
  5. Other in-game cosmetics like recall effects and avatar border are also being awarded

Event Missions

Here are the daily missions that players can complete to acquire Harith’s Headphones;

  • Login to the game – 2x Harith’s Headphones
  • Share the event once – 1x Harith’s Headphones
  • Complete one Classic/Ranked/Brawl match with your friends – 1x Harith’s Headphones
  • Complete one Classic/Ranked/Brawl/Magic Chess match – 1x Harith’s Headphones
  • Achieve Double Skill once – 1x Harith’s Headphones

You can acquire a total of 6 Headphones every day. The Fashion Expert Harith will only be available at the 515 Party Star event, so make sure to claim the free skin before the event ends.

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Event Prize Pool

515 Party Star Event RevealedThe grand prize is guaranteed within 10 draws.Aside from the free Fashion Expert Harith skin, there are other in-game loots that players can acquire in the draw event;
  • Fashion Expert Harith
  • Exclusive Avatar Border Choice Bundle
  • 2x Hero Fragment
  • Empire Chivalry Medal
  • STUN Hero trial card
  • Premium Skin Fragment
  • Small Emblem Pack

These rewards can be acquired multiple times, with the exception of the Fashion Expert Harith skin.

In addition to the free cosmetics you will get from the 515 Party Star Event, make sure to log in for at least 14 days to claim a free Party Star Recall effect. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.