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Valorant Patch 2.09 Agent Tier List: Who Should You Be Picking in May 2021


Our Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 2.09 highlights the best agents that you can take advantage of to climb ranks efficiently. The list showcases the strengths and weaknesses of each of the agents and where they fit in the current meta. Whether you are playing in a squad of five or solo queuing, the rankings are consistent with both options. Valorant Agent Tier List for Patch 2.09 has changed a lot over the past month. The Valorant Agent Tier List also meant to highlight the best agents in Patch 2.09 is for ranked play only and is not meant to be representative of professional play where the list of viable agents is slightly different.

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 2.09 Methodology

To create our Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 2.09, we considered each agent for its ability to fit into team comps and maps. The difficulty is a secondary factor as agents with a high skill-ceiling with minimal payoff are not worth running when compared to more forgiving agents in the game.

S-Tier agents can be picked in most maps and in most comps. They require minimal teamwork to be effective, but they also have a kid that can contribute positively to any team.

A-Tier agents are consistent but have defined weaknesses that your enemies can take advantage of. And in some cases, they are not effective in all maps or situations.

B-Tier agents are not “bad” but are too situational or are easily outclasses by other agents in the roster.

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 2.09 – S Tier

Valorant Jett1. Jett

Jett is one of the most consistent Duelists capable of guaranteeing kills in the hands of a mechanically gifted player. She is currently the most picked agent in the game due to her mobility and high lethality.

2. Killjoy

Killjoy didn’t see much play in the initial months of her release but after high-ranked players figured out her distinct strengths as a Sentinel, she has become a staple in all parts of the game.

3. Raze

Raze takes advantage of un-coordinated teams with her abilities is a strong pick especially if you are solo queueing you way up the ranks. Her explosives are very effective against most enemy deployable abilities.

4. Sova

Sova is capable of scouting and denying pushes with his abilities. He has become a staple in both ranked and professional play over the past few months.

5. Viper

Despite the nerfs in patch 2.09, Viper is a solid pick in the current meta.

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 2.09 – A Tier

Cypher Valorant1. Cypher

If you master the use of Cypher’s gadgets and are capable of holding sites on your own, you can offer a massive advantage to your team in ranked with the agent.

2. Omen

Omen received a bunch of nerfs recently which has pushed down his viability, but he still continues to be one of the bes

3. Phoenix

Phoenix’s ability to self-heal and deny zones with his molly makes him very useful in most situations. You can be very effective with him, specially on Attack if you know how to use Blaze correctly.

4. Reyna

Reyna received a major rework earlier this year which pushes down her viability as a solo feast and famine character to one that is more team-oriented.

5. Skye

While Skye offers AOE healing compared to Sage’s single-target healing, she still doesn’t quite fit the support role well enough. She is too reliant on team play for solo players to use her consistently. She is surprisingly one of Shroud’s potential picks if he were to go pro in Valorant.

6. Astra

With some recent bugfixes, the game’s latest agent is in a much better spot and she is definitely worth picking right now if you want to play her in a coordinated squad.

Valorant Agent Tier List Patch 2.09 – B Tier

Yoru Valorant

1. Breach

Breach is one of the best Initiators in the game, and he can make game-winning plays with his detonations and concussion abilities. However, he is not seeing much play in the current ranked meta according to Mobalytics data.

2. Brimstone

Brimstone is un an underwhelming state currently when compared to other agents. While players who have mastered the agent can still be successful, there are better picks out there.

3. Yoru

Valorant’s latest agent has been less than impressive during the first few weeks of Episode 2, but other agents outshine him too easily in the current balance patch despite his recent buffs.

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