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Liquid Valorant Player Jamppi Talks About Future Plans Regarding CS:GO Return


Former VAC banned professional CS:GO player Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen who retired from the game in January earlier this year, recently spoke about his future plans regarding a return to Counter-Strike. The Team Liquid Valorant player who had earlier given an open ended answer about his eventual return to CS:GO, seems to have made his mind as he came forward to reveal that there are no plans at the moment to go back to the game. He made this decision almost a month after getting unbanned from Valve events, following the implementation of the latest VAC ban policy update.

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Jamppi talks about future plans regarding CS:GO return

Jamppi had fought a long legal battle against Valve, requesting the developers to remove his permanent ban from Valve sponsored tournaments which were a major hindrance to his career in CS:GO. Despite a valiant fight that went on for a few months, the final public outcome seemed to have favored Valve.

This was followed by Jamppi taking an early retirement from the competitive shooter, instead switching over to Riot Games’ new title Valorant. He was soon picked by Team Liquid’s Valorant roster where he replaced Adam “ec1s” Eccles on the active lineup. But soon after he was unbanned from Valve sponsored tournaments due to their new VAC ban policy, raising a lot of questions around his potential return to CS:GO.

Jamppi had provided a response from his side earlier, pointing out that his complete focus at that point in time was to qualify for VALORANT Masters: Reykjavík and then help his team secure a victory at the first international Valorant LAN tournament. He had further expressed his happiness to have been finally unbanned from Valve events.

Now, almost a month later the Finn once again came forward to give a sort of final statement on the matter, as the buzz around the situation had still not completely settled down. This is what Jamppi went on to state from his side,

“The game in the future that I am going to play, as for now at least, don’t be mad guys but I am going to stick with Valorant. So, I am not going back to CS:GO that is for sure now. I hope there will be not too many people upset about it, but the decision was extremely hard to make, especially when I got some interesting things coming from CS:GO.”

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Jamppi while confirming that he did receive some interesting offers from CS:GO has made his decision to stick with Valorant for now. This may change a few years down the line, but at the moment he is all focused to continue competing in Valorant.

He will be seen in action soon along with Team Liquid’s Valorant roster at the upcoming VALORANT Masters: Reykjavík, scheduled to take place from 24-30 May in Iceland. It will be interesting to see how Jamppi performs and what all he achieves in Riot Games’ new tactical shooter. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.