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Wild Rift: Bad Blood Nemesis Duel Featuring Nasus and Renekton Revealed


The Bad Blood Nemesis Duel mechanic will debut shortly in Wild Rift, featuring Nasus and Renekton. There will be different rewards for the winner, similar to previous iterations. This will add more challenge to players and will further immerse them in the lore of the brothers Nasus and Renekton. Nemesis Duel is a risky but rewarding match and gives the victor a bonus advantage. Here is a brief overview of how the Nemesis Duel mechanic works in Wild Rift.

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Wild Rift: Bad Blood Nemesis Duel

It is similar to other Nemesis Duel iterations in terms of its contestants and rewards, but this one is specific to Nasus and Renekton so as to introduce their backstories and how they relate to each other in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift: Bad Blood Nemesis Duel Featuring Nasus and Renekton RevealedNemesis Duel for Renekton and Nasus will soon be released in Wild Rift.

Renekton and Nasus are the second pair of champions who have received a Nemesis Duel mechanic, and the developers are planning to add more in the near future, to further immerse players in the lore of the game.

How to activate Bad Blood Nemesis Duel in Wild Rift?

This mechanic will not appear in every match. The developers want this to be a surprise for players rather than a routine event. However, some requirements need to be hit for the Bad Blood Nemesis Duel to have a chance of being activated

In order to trigger Bad Blood Nemesis Duel, the following conditions must be met:

  • Both champions Renekton and Nasus are alive and fairly high level
  • Neither has taken or dealt damage for a short time
  • The two champions are at least a short distance apart

A special event notification will appear in-game once the requirements are met to inform players of the occurrence. The next battle between the two duelists will determine who will receive a bonus perk for the entire match.

The rewards will vary on the champion who wins the duel.If an opposing champion dies within 3 seconds of taking damage from the winning champion, that champion wins the in-game event. The victor will gain an extra perk for the entire match which can be advantageous for their team.

If Nasus wins the duel, his Siphoning Strike will hit all enemies within a certain radius of the attack.

If Renekton’s vengeance prevails, he will remain at full Fury for the duration of his ultimate, Dominus.

Take note that the bonus will only be available for that specific match.

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Wild Rift: Bad Blood Nemesis Duel Featuring Nasus and Renekton RevealedThe winner of the Nemesis Duel will gain an extra skill effect.

The release date for Renekton has yet to be announced. Players will have to keep an eye out for more information in the near future. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.