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Which Country Has the Largest CS:GO Player Density per Million Citizens?


CS:GO despite being almost a decade old is still enjoyed by many across the world. The online competitive shooter has a wide presence in almost every country, but which ones have the highest density of players per million citizens? To shed some light on this matter, CS:GO stats analyzing website ‘Leetify’ has come forward with detailed information based on 7 million unique matchmaking players. The compiled data presents information about 53 countries that account for around 90% of the total CS:GO player base, the top 10 countries among these being European. Let’s take a look at all the information available to us and see which countries have made it on to the list.

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Top 53 countries with the largest CS:GO player density

Once again we have at our hands some valuable data that gives us information about how much CS:GO is enjoyed across the globe. Despite an uneven distribution of players the game seems to be enjoyed everywhere, with the European countries leading the charge booking all the top 10 slots for themselves.

However, this distribution spans out as we take a look at the next 10 countries that make it into this list. With countries from other continents also making a presence like Canada, Russia, Singapore, Australia, and more.

Taking a look at the infographics above while also comparing them to the ones listed here, a few interesting observations that we can come up with based on the data collected is as follows,

  • Denmark is already regarded as one of the top CS:GO countries when it comes to the competitive circuit. Now we might have conclusive proof as to why this is so. If 78,892 users out of a million citizens are playing CS:GO, there is bound to be an abundance of talent within the country as observed from Heroic and Astralis’ domination on the international circuit.

  • Russia despite having the biggest percentage of the total CS:GO userbase with 11.65% of the players does not have a huge player density. It stands in the 15th position with 21760 players per million citizens which is even lower than that of Canada. But with the region having such a huge population this lower density does not hinder the growth of the region, as proven by Gambit Esports Russian quartet.
  • Singapore with a CS:GO player density of 16328 users per million citizens was well within the top 20 countries and this was a big surprise. There are countries within Asia that are far bigger than Singapore but the game might not be as popular there, also the slightly less population might be a contributing factor. This is because the country was not present in the list of top 20 countries with the largest percentage of the total CS:GO player base.

  • Countries like Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Kazakhstan, Israel, and Greece all being above the United Kingdom was also quite amazing to see. This is because despite these countries having such a dense player base per million citizens, they do not have the proper infrastructure in place for players to reach the competitive circuit.

  • It was surprising to see China in the bottom 3 countries alongside India and Pakistan, this may be due to them having the maximum population in the world along with the absence of proper data. Some other Asian countries in the list that have a significant presence are Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore.

This data seems to be quite legit, with Leetify confirming that only the top 53 countries were picked because they combined comprise 90% of the total CS:GO players. The other countries constitute the remaining 10%, with all of them at an individual level contributing approximately 0.2% or less to the user base.

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