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Valorant Replication Mode Has Been Added to The Game


Riot Games released a brand-new game mode for Valorant which will be replacing Escalation temporarily. The new Replication mode allows all players to lock in the same agent for a fun and casual experience. The match follows a best-of-9 Spike showdown format and it is reminiscent of League of Legends’ One For All mode which gets very chaotic. Valorant’s production manager Lisa Ohanian shared in the reveal that OFA from League was the inspiration behind the new Valorant game mode but the developers have taken some measures to keep game mode fun which includes a “flashguard” mechanic. There is a limit to how often players can be blinding, which will help with all of the ability spam in Valorant’s Replication Mode.

How Does Valorant’s Replication Mode Work

As soon as you load into a match, there will be a pre-match vote which determines which agent is selected for the match. Teams can use abilities at will as long as they are available and the new mode will test the limits of the playerbase’s creativity with all of the agents’ abilities. All players gain one ultimate point at the start of each round with the exception of overtime situations. Thew new game mode will be available for two weeks until May 25.

Here are all the rules that apply to Valorant’s Replication mode:

  • Best-of-nine Spike mode
  • 80-second rounds
  • 45-second pistol round, with 30-second subsequent rounds
  • All players on the same team play as the same Agent
  • Players have to select an agent based on votes
  • Abilities except ultimates are refreshed each round
  • Players gain 1 ultimate point per round at the start of the round but not in Overtime rounds.
  • Winning or losing does not affect the credits gained.
  • Weapon and shield are reset each round
  • Being flashed twice within a 4 second window grants “Flashguard”, which prevents blinding for 5 seconds.

How Do Credits Work in Valorant’s Replication Mode

The credit system has also been reworked for the game mode. Winning or losing does not affect the credits gained by players. Here are the pre-round credit amounts which are constant for all players.

Per-round credit amounts:

  • 900
  • 2400
  • 3900
  • 6000

How Much XP Does Valorant’s Replication Mode Give

The new game mode offers the same amount of XP as unrated games which means that you get 100 XP per round played and 200 XP per round won. However, since it is a best-of-nine format, you will receive less overall XP.

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