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The Esports Club Teases The Biggest Valorant Event in South Asia


The Esports Club recently teased the “biggest Valorant Event” in India which boasts of the highest prize pool in all of South Asia in its category. There will also be an amateur qualifier prize pool and individual prizes up for grabs at the event. The prize pool has been kept a secret so far and all we know is that the event is featuring a seven-digit prize pool. The Esports Club has already hosted multiple high-profile events for the Valorant community including the TEC Challenger Series and the TEC Invitationals. More details on the upcoming open for all events will be available soon.

The Esports Club Gauntlet Season 1 Overview

The upcoming event by The Esports Club will feature the highest prize pool seen from the organization so far. The event is set to feature the biggest prize pool in not just India but all of South Asia. It will also feature the highest first-place prize from TEC to date along with a dedicated amateur qualifier prize pool. Individual player awards will also be up for grabs for competing players.


In a comment to AFK Gaming, Ishaan Arya Co-Founder & Head of Business Development of the Esports Club stated that TEC expects to form the competitive base for Valorant esports in the region and help provide a sustainable and long-term platform for both teams and players.

“Right now they don’t have any foresight and thus you still see teams disbanding, shuffling, etc, because they’re not competing actively in proper events,” said Arya. “The format is going to be a first of its kind and will provide adequate opportunities for the top tier, mid-tier, and amateur teams.”

TEC will provide more details on the upcoming event over the coming days. The organization has hosted multiple high-profile Valorant events over the past year including five Challenger series events, the AMD Valorant Cup, WD Black Cup, the TEC Invitational Series, and more recently, The Ultimate Boss Fight which saw Enigma Gaming take home the first prize.

TEC Gauntlet Season 1

The organization offered a prize pool of INR 900,000 ($12,250) across all five of its Challenger Series events and the upcoming Gauntlet Season 1 event will feature a seven-digit prize pool. TEC has been teasing the prize pool and has kept fans guessing over the past few days and an official announcement is imminent.

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