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Quincy Crew Quinn Becomes the Third Player to Reach 12K MMR


Quinn, popularly also known as CCnC, has become the third Dota 2 player to hit the 12K MMR landmark. It is an incredible personal feat considering the majority of the Dota 2 professionals are still on their road to 10K and 11K. Quinn “Quinn” Callahan is widely regarded as one of the best midlaners in the NA Dota 2 scene and has been atop the region’s MMR leaderboards chart for a long time. Quinn is the third overall and first NA player to do so as only two young professionals hailing from the SEA region had hit 12K MMR before him – 23savage was the first one followed by JaCkky.

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Quinn hits the 12K MMR milestone

Quinn shared this achievement through his social media handle with the “Okayge” emote in the caption.

In addition to spamming a lot of his signature Ember Spirit, he has also played a lot of other heroes, including Invoker, Pugna, Bristleback, Ursa, and Leshrac in his recent matches, as per the data available on dota2protracker.

While his fans have congratulated him, some of his peers seem to be having fun in the comments section of his tweet.

It has taken around six months for the NA midlaner to move from 11K to 12K as he had reached the 11K mark in October 2020. On the NA Dota 2 leaderboards chart, some of the finest players in the region – Abed, Leslao, Kotaro and Arteezy are currently trailing him.

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Quinn’s dexterity in the mid lane has been acknowledged by several players around the world and his 12K MMR feat certainly proves it. Currently, in the professional space, he is looking to guide his team to a top-two finish in the NA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division. A top-two finish will provide his team, Quincy Crew, with a spot in the second Major of the season. They are currently undefeated with four wins in four series and have their next series scheduled against sadboys on May 14, 2021. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.